Friday, August 20, 2010

The Ballard Administration's Tax/Fee Increase Philosophy; Ballard Again Sticks His Fingers in the Eyes of Conservative Republicans

Republicans criticize Democrats for always wanting to raise taxes and or fees, for some project or another. Republican, i.e. conservative philosophy is that money is best in the hands of private individuals and not the government. Therefore, Republicans believe that tax/fee increases should be a last resort.
Today in announcing a doubling of parking rates within two years and a 50 year privatization contract., Mayor Ballard showed once again he is no conservative and a Republican In Name Only (RINO). The announcement today is the norm for this administration which, time and time again, has looked for taxes and fees that have not been increased for awhile and concluded that the situation has to be "corrected" with increases, substantial ones at that.
Whether it is doubling parking fees or increasing several times over fees on businesses, Mayor Ballard has repeatedly stuck his finger in the eyes of conservatives who believe in less taxes and smaller government.
Is this really the record, a record completely opposite of all things conservative, that the Republican members of the council want to run on? Republican councilors need to think about getting off the Ballard ship that it is inevitably headed toward the bottom of the political ocean in 2011.


Bill said...

Once again, it was a NO BID CONTRACT.That seems to be the way that the Mayor does biz.No need to see if anyone could do it for less or better. As long as he gets political campaign money from them

Marycatherine Barton said...

I ain't no Republican, but Mayor Ballard has certainly stuck his fingers in my eyes.