Wednesday, July 14, 2010

State Lawmaker Speaks Out Against Pacers Deal

State Representative Scott Reske D-Anderson has announced opposition to the Pacers deal and has expressed fears the CIB's $33 million plus gift to the Pacers will trigger another return to the Statehouse by the CIB to beg for another bailout. The Anderson Herald-Tribune reports:

State Rep. Scott Reske, D-Pendleton, believes the Capital Improvement Board’s $33 million deal could mean a case of deja vu for Indiana lawmakers.

“The city of Indianapolis has pledged $33 million that they don’t have. I’ve been around long enough to know they’re going to show up at the state legislature wanting funding,” Reske said Monday.

Last year, the CIB approached state lawmakers asking for a bailout as it faced a $47 million deficit.

The bailout never made it past initial committee hearings, but the state did give the CIB a $27 million emergency loan to stay afloat amidst threats by CIB officials that Lucas Oil Stadium would be closed without state assistance.

The CIB initially wanted lawmakers to increase food and beverage taxes statewide in order to bail out the board.


Now that the CIB has reached a $33 million deal with the Pacers, Reske fears the board will once again come to lawmakers for a bailout.

“We may have to relive the whole scenario all over again and just like before, we’ll stop it again,” Reske said.

Reske said the CIB’s problems are Indianapolis problems, and won’t be solved on the backs of Madison County taxpayers.

“If they think Madison County taxpayers are going to bail them out, they’re wrong. As long as I represent this district, Madison County won’t pay for the mismanagement in Indianapolis,” he said.

It may be a matter may be a matter of time before state legislators also reconsider that $27 million promised loan to the CIB. I doubt legislators passed that proposal believing the money would simply be given to the Pacers by the CIB. For those of us here in Indianapolis, though the gift to the Pacers and the continued fiscal irresponsibility of the CIB and the Mayor's office is not a surprise.

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Blog Admin said...

Paul Roales, a candidate for a state seat (forget which house), also said something about the bailout. I'm not from his area, so I'm unaware if he said something more substantial, but his Tweet is here:

M Theory said...

I talked on the phone to Rep. Reske yesterday. he called me after I called his office.

I told him I want to send over some questions and post his answers on the blog, but haven't written the questions yet.

Paul? Would you like to help? This stuff really isn't my forte. I got the feeling he might be doing this to play politics against the R's. Who knows. Would like to see some R's stand up with him against this in the legislature.

What questions should we ask? He was happy to hear from me. Anybody?

Marycatherine Barton said...

I too can only hope that Reske would be so speaking out, if the Mayor of Indianapolis who made this deal with the Pacers, was a Democrat. What other state lawmaker will stand with him?

Paul K. Ogden said...


Just because someone is using an issue politically doesn't mean it's wrong. Politics is how we decide issues in this country. Yes, possibly I can help.

Indiana Appraiser said...

Great article and can you really believe this? Closing libraries and schools while handing over tax dollars to the wealthiest family in the state- in the name of entertainment?

I am a republican, but the mayors corporate bailout hypocrisy has completely clouded any reasonable judgment he was supposed to have.

I found a great symbolic Pacers Bailout sticker for my car: