Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ryan Vaughn's Rough Week; Vaughn Loses Debates, Called "Insane" and a "Liberal Big Spender" by Members of His Own Party

It's been a rough week for Ryan Vaughn. First on Tuesday, July 6th he has a Fox59 faceoff with Joanne Sanders who easily cleans his clock. Sanders appearing as the reasonable, fiscal conservative next to big spending Vaughn should send shivers up the spine of Marion County Republicans wanting to hold the GOP base the next election.
The next day, Vaughn has a debate on Abdul's blog against a liberal Democrat "Think Again" (TA) who proceeds to mop the floor with Vaughn, even though Vaughn gets the huge tactical advantage of going after TA and TA has no chance of rebuttal. In his response, Vaughn repeatedly repeatedly ducks very valid points made by TA and comes across looking like a reckless spender, in particular with his scheme to fund short-term infrastructure improvements with a 30 year loan.
Seeing the faceoff with Fox59 faceoff with Sanders, the blog BartLies blasts Vaughn as "insane" for his comments, in particular his suggestion that this sale is generating a big pile of cash that we won't have to pay back. Again, this blog is called "BartLies," a site that was started to out Democrat Bart Peterson for his lies. Now that site is turned on a Republican for doing exactly the same thing.
Then in the same week, yours truly had a blog post where I pointed out that Ryan Vaughn, who has supported every tax/fee increase and spending program of this Mayor, is nothing more than a big spending, big taxing Republican in Name Only. (RINO). I also pointed out the fact that Vaughn has no answer - none- to the point that the Mayor's plan involves taking out a 30 year loan to pay for improvements that won't last 10 years. And we Republicans complain about Democrats being reckless spenders? We've lost the moral authority to do that with this plan.
Make no mistake about it, Ryan Vaughn is in the position that he is not because of any talent or political skill, but because of his willingness to carry the water for Barnes & Thornburg and others who are actually running this administration. In agreeing to do so, he sold his political soul. He will soon find out there are consequences for having done that.


M Theory said...

Ryan told me that 62% of citizens polled were in favor of this plan.

I asked to see the wording of the poll question and specifics.

What I'm hearing out there amongst people is that they aren't up to speed on this deal, don't understand, are kind of apathetic, until I explain that the city wants to use our water as collateral to the banks for 30 year bonds on 10 year projects.

THEN, they get nervous.

I'll post the poll question details when Ryan sends them to me.

And Paul? You should give Ryan credit for engaging us. He's invited you, me, and anyone else who cares to sit down and talk. I took him up on it.

He did not convince me to like this deal. But I'm continuing the coffee meetings.

Downtown Indy said...

HFFT, I am confident 100% of that 62% (assuming that is not a completely fabricated number) base their opinion on the belief they will get a new sidewalk or their street paved.

They will be quite angry when they don't get either.

It is going to be a lottery of sorts, where most of the players get nothing.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that no one will address the problems with expecting Indianapolis Water customers who do not live in Marion County to pay higher rates and subsidize sidewalk and street repairs for Marion County residents? Why should i have to pay more for water to subsidize the graft, greed, and poor fiscal practices of another county?

Jon said...

Crizzle, if you live in one of the doughnut counties you are paying for LOS and the mayor is trying to push another regional tax for mass transit. You are paying for the graft, greed and fiscal practices of another county and they want more.

Marycatherine Barton said...

And I know that Ogden would not predict that Vaughn WILL pay a political price for his water carrying on the Council, if he was not certain. I hope so.