Friday, July 16, 2010

Not A Surprise: CIB Rubberstamps Pacer Deal

Even though Capital Improvment Board President Ann Lathrop isn't sure whether the CIB would still have to pay the Pacers $10 million next year in the event of a lockout, the CIB still voted today to approve the $33.5 million plus Pacer giveaway. The Star reports.

One board member Douglas Brown, voted against the giveaway. His problem? The giveaway to the Pacers wasn't for a long enough period.

Reportedly the CIB will be called before the Council's Muncipal Corporation Committee next Tuesday.


Downtown Indy said...

I wish I could figure out how the City goes from 'we don't have any money, we'll have to slash services, budgets and headcount' to finding millions to dump into the latest crisis.

The cycling between dirt-poor and money-to-burn is making me dizzy.

And quite angry.

Blog Admin said...

Think of it this way, DI. Besides for political posturing, when was the last time a member of these various boards (usually appointed), the mayor, mayor's staff, or city-county council reps have spent time and used resources such as libraries and city parks?

If you've never been to a park (or rarely go to one) and sit on the Parks and Rec board, then you have no problem slashing their budget year after year. And if you live in the suburbs or a gated community, you don't mind slashing animal control's budget year after year, because the problem doesn't affect you.