Thursday, July 1, 2010

Indianapolis Star Editors Fail to Grasp What Gun Rights Are About

The Indianapolis Star today editoralized in favor of gun restrictions.

That's not a surprise. Nor too is it a surprise that the Star's editors don't understand what the debate is about. This quote from the editorial is revealing:

"At the state level, however, government consistently has tilted against practical safety considerations in favor of platitudes about individual rights."
The editorial suggests that gun restrictions, such as the absolute ban on guns in city parks here, is a safety precaution which protects the public. The opinion rests on a faulty premise...that people who are willing to commit a crime by using a gun will for some reason obey a gun ban.

I ride my bike on White River Trail. At several points on the trail, someone could jump out with a gun and rob me. While I probably wouldn't carry a gun with me, I don't want to broadcast the news to a potential robber that I'm unarmed. That's what the gun ban on city parks does - it disarms people who follow the law and lets those who are willing to commit crimes with a gun know they have unarmed prey at their disposal.

When will the Star's editors understand that people who break the law aren't going to comply with gun bans. They only people you are disarming are law-abiding citizens.


BWegner said...

I almost decided to leave a comment under the article at IndyStar.....then it occurred to me, why waste my time arguing with idiots at a media outlet that is so irrelevant. It's readership is so low that it's used only for the underbelly of small animal cages.

american patriot said...

How would people react if the 13th amendment said "A racially balanced society, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to black shall not be infringed."

I see Daley has decided to introduce more gun control laws in the city, with jail time a possibility.

Paul, can a city government impose jail time in Indiana? I thought that right was limited to the state.

Paul K. Ogden said...

AP, no a city can't adopt an ordinance making something a crime, imposing jail time. They can only impose fines.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Oh, but Mayor Daley has gun protection provided for him, 24-7 is my bet, as does Mayor Ballard much, if not all, of the time he spends in city parks. Ah, the elitist hypocrisy of these enemies of the Constitution.