Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pacers Announcement Coming

Steady yourself folks, the Pacer announcement is coming almost certainly this afternoon or tomorrow. If I know my City "negotiators," they don't have the guts to really stand up to the Pacers and go beyond the team's arbitrary 6/30 deadline.

If the people at the City were smart, they would announce the news late on a Friday so that it hit Saturday's paper, the least read paper of the week. A lot of people would have missed it on the TV news Friday evenings, the day of the week most people eat out. They could have killed off some of the impact of the story.

City officials though are clueless when it comes to PR. You watch, they'll announce it prime time for TV and the newspapers, with pride believing the the Pacers' deal will be seen as a great accomplishment of the Ballard administration. They have no clue that it will be a disastrous political move by the Ballard administration, a deal that will be widely panned by the majority of the people who live in Indianapolis. Mayor Ballard has never gotten the fact that elite support does not equal popular support.


Downtown Indy said...

How many nails does Ballard need for his political coffin, anyway?

Jon said...

Alas, the emperor has no clothes! Hope he enjoys his limited time in office and the use of the suite at Conseco because this guy is toast!

Downtown Indy said...

And today, we had an armed robbery in the Convention Center.

WTHR reported:

"Levengood said cutting back on security hours was one of the many across-the-board measures the CIB took to get itself out of the red. Asked if they might now beef up security in light of the robbery, Levengood said there were no immediate plans.

"We're all working hard with the materials and resources we have," he said. "And it's important we all do a good job of doing the best we can."

But we will doubtlessly be handing millions over to the Pacers and letting this other inconvenient truth slide - the convention center security is lax, people are not safe, the security cameras are not all working.

It's fortunate no one was injured or killed.

Marycatherine Barton said...

The victim was a member of the cleaning staff, a maid, and the gunman was bold enough at the Convention Center, to come into the women's restroom to try to rob her. So sad; the story made me think of Detroit.