Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ICVA Asks for $5 to $10 Million More from CIB for Convention Center

A comment on the piece below reminded me I had overlooked this article published by the Indianapolis Business Journal. The $275 million for the new convention center is not enough. Welsh is asking for $5 to $10 million more from the Capital Improvement Board for upgrades to the older part of the convention center. Anthony Schoette of the IBJ writes:
Seven months before the $275 million expansion of the Indiana Convention Center is complete, convention planners and local convention and tourism officials are calling for an upgrade to the existing Convention Center space.

The improvements to existing convention center space would cost $5 million to $10 million, according to the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association.

ICVA CEO Don Welsh said his organization is working with city and state officials to secure the funding, which might include corporate sponsorship money.

Welsh hopes to have the upgrades made by the end of next year, just in time for a major influx of visitors for the Super Bowl in February 2012.

“Clearly, when the public sees the quality and uniqueness of the new facility—the entrance, fixtures, carpet, designs, wall colors and wall schemes … the current building will be judged,” Welsh said.

The Convention Center is a key economic driver, not just for downtown, but for the entire region, and keeping it in pristine shape is critical to getting the most out of it, Welsh said.
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Yep, Welsh wants more money so that the carpet and paint in the old and new parts of the building match. Just a mere $5 or $10 million. Pretty expensive carpet and paint.
Is there any law that would allow us to send Welsh back to where he came from - Seattle?

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Downtown Indy said...

Bill Benner was interviewed this afternoon (on WRTV, I think) spouting the same line about having the carpet and wallpaper match.

So now the CIB is plotting as much as $28 million in negative cash flow despite being millions in the red last year.

Geeze, they sure know how to spend money, even when they don't have any.