Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today's Republican Assault on the Marion County Prosecutor's Office

Today with Marion County Prosecutor candidate Mark Massa and local GOP chairman Tom John calling for his resignation, Carl Brizzi is doing the equivalent of circling the wagons, albeit while he vacations in California. (Isn't that where Durham lives? Just asking.) The Indianapolis Star reports on the resignation demands and Brizzi's response.

When GOP Chairman Tom John thinks you are too unethical to continue serving in office, things must be really bad.

Massa is smart to try to get ahead of this story. He will face the "guilt by association" campaign strategy where his opponent seeks to tie him to Brizzi. Democratic Marion County Chairman Ed Treacy has already started to exploit that angle in a vitriolic press release discussed on the Star's Jon Murray's blog, Justice Watch.

Isn't it ironic that it wasn't the Democratic candidates for prosecutor who asked for Brizzi's resignations, but rather the Republican candidate? Marion County Democratic prosecutorial candidates Terry Curry and Greg Bowes both had chances to call for Brizzi to resign and didn't do it.

Things have certainly gotten interesting. I wonder when someone in the Republican leadership will go to Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana and admit he was right about Brizzi all along. Welsh was the first well-known Republican to call for Brizzi's resignation and has been complaining about Brizzi for years. Welsh has taken a lot of abuse from heads-in-the-sand Republicans for writing about corruption within the local Republican Party and the need to clean house. Turns out he was right.


Unknown said...

Why is David Wyser not being brought into the Mobareki case - He took fundraising dollars from Paul Page as well right around the time of a portion of the funds being returned to the criminal?

Not to mention that in both sentence modifications, Willoughby and Guilford Forney, Wyser received campaign donations right around the time he signed off on them...from Epperly and Barnes & Thornburg.

I realize that your focus is more on Carl Brizzi and Marion County but with Wyser running for Hamilton County Prosecutor - someone needs to take a stand against this guy otherwise the cycle will just continue in another county.

Also, Wyser is still be investigated for Little Hatch Violations...

So frustrating....

karma09 said...

Arnold is 100% correct.

There is no doubt Brizzi is totally washed up, but Wyser still fancies himself to be worthy of public trust.

It's Wyser's signature on the Willoughby sentence reduction, not Brizzi's. It's Wyser's signature on Forney's sentence reduction also.

It was Larry Broeder standing up to Brizzi regarding the Mobarecki plea scam, Wyser was in in Brizzi's corner, not Broeder's.

Massa was asked at the press conference about Wyser, he attempts to escape by "wanting to focus on his own contest." But that misses the point. Wyser is at MCPO, NOW. He's the guy running the shop, not just while Brizzi parties in California, but virtually all the time.

Does Wyser have a job in a Massa administration? What if Carl quits and Massa is appointed, Wyser still on the payroll? Why is Carl targeted, but not Wyser, for the exact same conduct in the exact same cases?

Somebody needs to get a statement from Wyser also, about contributions to him from the Page boys, and why he didn't stop the Mobarecki plea himself, or at least back up Broeder. And oh yeah, does Brizzi have a job in a Wyser administration in HC?

Marycatherine Barton said...

I am so Hoosier-proud and relieved that the slated Republican candidate for prosecutor, Mark Massa, called for the resignation of Carl Brizzi, especially in the way that he did. Thanks to Tom John for agreeing with Mark.

Greg Bowes said...

I took my chance to challenge Brizzi's ethics in 2006, when I did not have a candidacy at stake. I filed a disciplinary complaint against Brizzi, which unfortunately, the disciplinary commission rejected. The complaint can be found at I is about time Brizzi's misconduct caught up with him.
Greg Bowes

Unknown said...

To Greg Bowes:

Please, give it a rest. You promised a concerned citizen you would do something about the false valuations and arreage on Brizzi's buddy Tim Durham's various properties, as well as his phantom car dealership at 117 N East Street.

What have you done? NOTHING. Oh, what is your job? Oh yeah, you are the assessor.

It's time for a slew of candidates who walk the walk, not talk the talk.

I know said...

Now that Carl has called out Tom John in the Star and said Mr. John should not be throwing stones the gloves are off!

The street fight is going to start getting real bad and names will start crawling out of locked and zippered bags and the skeletons in the closets will start rattling now!

The real estate deals Carl's office has covered up that wealthy people have done with the State of Indiana and defaulted will creep out and they are far greater in liability to the tax payers than the mess Carl has himself in.

If I were some of the friends and family Carls knows about who are playing the same fast and furious game I would be real worried right now with the Attorney call out and throw down that has started!

Susie said...

I filed a complaint about another Barnes & Thornburg attorney while Donald Lundberg was at the IN Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee. Lundberg is now entrenched at B & T - Brizzi's former firm - a good home to return to once he's forced out. Page, Durham, who is now being represented by B & T, Brizzi,
B & T are among some of the players. Until the Disciplinary Committee is investigated, the culture of corruption that pervades this city will continue. The buck starts and stop with the Commission that investigates attorneys. Until that Commission heals itself, the web of corruption will continue.