Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Raoul" Interviews Mayor Ballard, Denies Using Citizens Gas Deal Money to Give to CIB

Gotta love "Raoul" on Twitter. Here's one of his latest gems:
AttyAbdul: Just asked the Mayor about using money from Citizens Gas deal to shore up the CIB? He couldn't stop laughing! So much for the conspiracy!
Well of course, we should believe Mayor Ballard wouldn't use the money to bail out the CIB or give $15 million to the Pacers, right? After all,, the Mayor has a history of being honest and not going back on campaign promises, right? You hear that laughing, Raoul? That's from all the the Republicans and Ballard supporters who have been betrayed by the Mayor's broken campaign promises.


Blog Admin said...


I attended the meeting earlier in the evening. One question asked specifically if any of this money from the sale will be used to fund Conseco Fieldhouse. Ballard stopped short of answering no, but did say that's a "different pot of money."

Earlier in the forum, he mentioned, after roads and sidewalks, and abandoned properties, was "economic development." I asked, in my question, for him to specify some initiatives, and further asked if the CIB or ICVA would get any funding from the sale. He specifically said "No" to ICVA. He said two options being explored for "economic development" would be to set aside some funds for NCAA or the upcoming Superbowl to be hosted by Indianapolis.

Overhearing some talk from the other citizenz there, Pike Township residents have crave concerns not only about the deal itself, but what this money is REALLY going to be used for. Even if Ballard is truly telling us the truth, many in Pike Township aren't buying it.

I asked my council representative, Maggie Lewis, to look into if the funds from the sale are allocated (IE where it can and can't be spent). And, if needed/possible, can a council rep put in an amendment/resolution to ensure no money will go toward bailing out the CIB or funding the Pacers. she was very attentive to my question, and took my e-mail.

I really hope these concerns of Pike residents (including mine) are unfounded. We're just waiting for someone to prove us wrong. I wasn't convinced, from reading the MOI, that there were any specific allocations for the $250 million or so.

Downtown Indy said...

I still can't figure out why you call him 'Raoul.'

Paul K. Ogden said...

DI, he likes to see his name in print. Calling him Raoul denies him that.

IS, Excellent points. The fact is we won't have any control over how that money is spent. If Mayor Ballard won't be giving the money to the CIB or to fund the Pacers, just agree to making tha part of the ordinance passed by the Council. My guess is the administration won't do that because they want that "option." It is the same thing with Wishard. They swear they won't dip into tax money but yet they asked for the referendum exactly because they wanted the "option" to dip into property taxes to pay for the hospital.