Monday, April 12, 2010

Pike School Board Votes to Revise History, Tries to Cover Up Guion Creek Tax Increase

The December 10, 2009 Meeting of the Pike Township School Board discussed in detail the plan to raze and build a new Guion Creek Elementary school. The minutes of that meeting include the following:

The total annual payment in terms of tax rate for the 2011 payments will be made out of the debt service working balance making a tax increase a requirement and paid out of the debt service working fund. This financing option provides the school corporation the flexibility to pursue future projects.

Those minutes were approved by the Board at the next meeting. During the last Board session though, the Board voted to review those December 10th minutes and take out the language about the tax increase. Of course, the Department of Local Government Finance still calls it a tax increase.

If you want to know why there is so much dissatisfaction with the Pike School Board that 13 candidates are running for three positions, now you have your answer. It is a Board that is completely out of touch with the voters, a mere rubber stamp for whatever harebrained proposal the administration wants to offer...such as tearing down perfectly fine elementary schools like Guion Creek, New Augusta, College Park and Eastbrook so that the administration can have shiny new buildings paid for by taxpayers.


Had Enough Indy? said...

If the state really wants to help with education, they can put some teeth into the laws regarding the financial responsibilties and public accountablility of the school boards and school administrations. It doesn't help education one bit for the taxpayers to be fleeced all while the taxpayers' own money finances the fleecing.

In this case it is clear that the Auditor didn't do her job and certified yet another biased and incorrect referendum question. It is clear that the Pike school district is using its website to promote this referendum - outside the law's intent if this is indeed a loophole. And, it is clear to me that the DLGF should be entirely responsible for the wording on these referenda, as they have the data and understanding of the impact on tax rates.

Sean Shepard said...

Is there any resume building benefit to administrators or other school officials who preside over massive construction efforts?

What is the personal incentive to these folks to have the shiny new structures?

Paul K. Ogden said...


I agree totally. i wouldn't say the website is a loopole by the way. It is a direct violation of the law.

I totally agree that the DLGF shoudl be responsible for all teh wording of the referendum. And I agree that the County Auditor shouldn't not be approving these biases referendums.

SS, You bring up a good point, asking about incentives. At the last meeting I attended, the board members were talking about the plaques that will be in the new building and that the board members got credit for it. I think that people generally like new stuff, including administrators and school employees. I'd like to be driving a new car. But that's not something in my budget. But with these schools, there is no personal pain felt by the taxes - rather the taxpayers get stuck with the bill. I would especially love to drive a new car if someone else would buy it for me. Same mentality.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Hopefully, Billie Breaux, the Marion County Auditor, who btw is also the vice-chair of the Marion County Democrats, and mother of a state senator, will soon explain why she is authorizing these so-worded construction-industry extravaganzas, in the guise of tax referendum. As it is, she will never get another vote from me.