Sunday, March 14, 2010

Speedway Taxpayer Opposes School Referendum to Raise Property Taxes

The Indianapolis Star yesterday published a letter to the editor from Speedway resident and taxpayer Jo Ellen Dotlich opposing the Speedway Schools referendum:
As a Speedway taxpayer, I am appalled at the way this town is promoting the school tax referendum. Teachers are emotionally blackmailing students by telling them they will be going to Northwest High School next year if their parents don't vote "Yes" to the referendum. The superintendent and others are giving false representation of the total amount the taxes will be increased. And the town council continues to let the Redevelopment Commission spend millions of dollars while our children are supposedly suffering.

The referendum is asking for $25 million over the next seven years. The Redevelopment Commission has spent more than this amount over the past five years with nothing to show for it except buildings on Main Street that were recently put on the spring tax sale for non-payment of taxes.

A past superintendent recently stated in a letter to the editor that for a home appraised for $108,700, taxes would be raised only a little more than $200; my math shows the tax would be $641.33.

The voters need to get out May 4 and vote "No" to this referendum. The town needs to find other ways to get the money. Our businesses and the elder community
I would add another concern about this and other school referenda. As I understand them, they would allow the school districts who succeed in passing them to exceed the 1% residential property tax cap. This end run around the property tax caps could mean property taxes rise to levels they were before the sales tax was raised to provide property tax relief.


timb said...

Not an end run around stupid and unconstitutional property taxes! Oh, the horror, of my children attending properly funded schools!

Will the short-sightedness of Indiana residents ever stop? Turning this state into California is a recipe for WORSE government that we already receive! And, I thought that was almost impossible.

I have a better idea. Defeat property tax caps and merge township schools and Speedway school into IPS. Weird, how funding issues would just evaporate and poor kids would get the same education as rich ones.

Until then, vote yes on May 4th so that my daughters can have schools that work.

Unknown said...

I am a speedway resident, and my math also shows property taxes at over $600.00 per year, Vote No on the tax hike, if the state cannot afford it what makes the town council think all the residents can? Vote No, and next time the town council is up for reelection vote them out!!!!