Monday, March 1, 2010

Marion County GOP Chairman Says At-Large Councilor Should be "Partner" For the Mayor, Highlights Problem With the Republican Caucus of the Council

Today's Indianapolis Star has a brief recap about the candidates for the at-large council seat. Marion County GOP Chairman Tom John is quoted as saying that the "ideal pick" would be someone who is a "partner" for the Mayor.

John has highlighted a fundamental problem with the Republican Caucus of the City-County Council...a lack of independence. Republican councilors should not be there to rubber stamp the Mayor Greg Ballard's agenda on the Council. They are on the Council to represent constituents and exercise independent judgment. They should be leaders on issues in their community, not simply followers of the Mayor.

Republican councilors have about 20 months before the next election. They need to be displaying independence from the very unpopular Mayor Ballard. If they don't, their "partner" is going to be leading them off a political cliff in November 2011.


Cato said...

Evidently, the ding-a-ling Republicans are unfamiliar with the idea of separate and independent branches of government.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Cato, it's even worse with school boards. The Washington Township School Board members sans Greg Wright is about to sign an agreement saying they won't speak to the media or ask for records in order investigate wrongdoing in the administration. Unbelievable.