Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Nomination for Classless Twitter Post of 2010

...is Abdul mocking Gary Welsh just a day or so after he returned after spending a lengthy stint in the hospital literally fighting for his life. See twitter exchange below.

IWURuss: @AttyAbdul have you heard from Gary Welsh recently? He seems to have gone off the radar.
2 days ago from HootSuite

AttyAbdul: @IWURuss He's back and still emotionally unbalanced.
2 days ago from web

Abdul won the 2009 Classless Twitter Award when he twittered from his wife's office Christmas Party unrelentingly mocking the appearance of his wife's co-workers for everyone to read about on the internet. His favorite derogatory term for the co-workers he saw that day? "Mouthbreather." Not sure where he came up with that one. It's a wonder his wife didn't divorce him after that stunt.

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