Friday, February 19, 2010

The Wild Northwest: Thirteen Pike Township School Board Candidates Set to Do Battle

It is good to see so many Pike residents interested in running for school board. Thirteen candidates have filed for three at large positions. There is one incumbent, John E. Brown, running for re-election. He is President of the Board. I am of course running as well as Allison Maguire, the wife of Libertarian Marion County Chairman Tim Maguire. We are running together as a team which will emphasis fiscal responsibility and accountability, and that the Board should not act as a rubber-stamp for whatever the Pike administration wants to do.

My guess is that candidate "Regina Randolph" is the wife of former Indianapolis City-County Councilor Isaac Randolph who lives in Pike. I have a call in to Ike to try to confirm that. Other than that, I'm not sure I know any of the other names.

The thirteen in the order of filing is as follows:

Tammy D. Moon
Paul K. Ogden
John E. Brown
Brownell Payne
Allison Maguire
Yvette R. White
Wanda A. Thomas
Eric Huffine
Thomas Allen Haynes
David S. Copher
George E. Crooks
Regina Randolph
Carl Z. Liggins, Sr.


american patriot said...
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american patriot said...
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american patriot said...

You think the rubber stamp mentality in Pike is bad, try watching a Speedway school board meeting. They are all appointed by the clown board, oops I meant town board, so no one is going to dissent, they'd be gone in a heartbeat. The even all walk into the meeting room together in single file like mindless zombies.

I don't like the "do battle" context, you guys are not fighting each other, just vying to represent taxpayers the best way each of you see fit.

Why do Americans always see everything as a conflict that has to have a winner and loser? Why can't we all be winners, like the Cubs?

TammyInIndy said...

Hello, Paul. I am Tammy D. Moon. I am a 1992 Pike High School Graduate and the Paralegal to John A. Frazier, Esq. I have gone through all of my childhood education here in Pike. I wish you and all the other candidates the best of luck in what will be an interesting campaign. I have not seen you, or had the pleasure to meet you, at any of the Pike Twp. School Board meetings since I have been in attendance since last year. Hope that I will finally get to see you there and get to meet you. I think that it is important that all the candidates know exactly what has been going on during these school board meetings and have the ability to see what one will be going into if elected, wouldn't you agree? I have meet several that have gone to almost as many as I have and I hope to get to meet you soon as well. You and all others are more than welcome to view my blog at:

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks to Tammy Moon commenting here and directing us to her excellent website. She sounds very committed to youth and the great mission statement of the MSD, Pike Township.
I am sorry to learn here from american patriot about problems with the Speedway school board meetings. I have only been to IPS school board meetings, and wouldn't be surprised if most taxpayers have never been to any board meetings.

Pike Employee said...

Hello Paul,

As an employee of the M.S.D of Pike Township and a Pike Township resident, I am following these candidates closely. However I only have one vote left to give out. I will be voting for Mr. Brown and Mrs. Moon. I find it interesting that you mention you don't know any of the candidates except for a few that have some political ties. I have worked for Pike along time and I don't know any of the candidates except for Mr. Brown and Mrs. Moon. Both have been involved in meetings and issues that affect Pike long before they decided to run for school board. I fear you may just be another "politician" trying to use a school board race to test your name recognition in the political arena!!!

american patriot said...

>>I fear you may just be another "politician" trying to use a school board race to test your name recognition in the political arena!!!

If Pike Employee had read more than a week's worth of Paul's posts then he / she would know that Paul cares more about what goes on in this county than 99.999% of its citizens.

The Pike school board are not saints, witnessed by their attempt to prevent anyone other than the YMCA from bidding on property they proposed leasing / selling in Sept 2007 by a very constrained bidding requirement. Suppose a Jewish group had wanted to use the property for public use? Why just let Christians bid?

bid specs

Paul K. Ogden said...

Well, Pike Employee, I have substitute taught in virtually every school in Pike and have taught at the college level since 1987. I have lived in the township since 1986. I also handled education issues for a gubernatorial candidate back in 1996.

I do think we need more people on the School Board who makes the interests of taxpayers in the township a higher priority than has been the case in the past.

If you want someone who is going to rubber stamp what the administration is doing, then I'm not the right person for you. I am concerned by the number of unanimous votes on the Pike School Board. No matter what the administration throws out there it seems to garner a unanimous vote from the Board.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Thanks, Tammy. Unfortunately I teach on Thursday nights at the University of Indianapolis which has made it difficult to get there. Next semester I will insist that the chairman of the department switch my day, probably to Monday.

It would certainly help if the Pike School Board would stream their meetings. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like to see what's going on but can't.

Best of luck to you, Tammy!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Thanks AP, I appreciate it. It would be too late for me to do anything, but I guarantee you the rigged bidding process is not something I would tolerate.

One thing I would very much like to look at is how much the district pays attorneys. I am tired of big law firms fleecing governmental units, i.e. taxpayers, for work that could be performed by someone else just as well (or better)much more cheaply.

Unknown said...

I am a Pike High School Alumni as well as Guion Middle School. My family relocated here in the early 90's. I have had family attend Guion Elementary, I have two kids already attending Guion Elementary and one more on his way. Did you know that part of the ceiling in the gym at Guion Elementary fell right before a school event? Did you know that the ceiling in my son's classroom collapsed right before school started. Had any of the incidents happened an hour or even minutes later, there could have been injuries? I have heard that you oppose building a new Guion Elementary. Do propose spending more money than the cost of building new to renovate? Is this fiscally responsible? Would you feel comfortable looking the 600+ kids, their parents, and the 66 staff members in the eyes and telling them how much you don't care about them or their safety? If you are unfortunate enough to win, this will be your reality. Would you fill comfortable sending your kids to this facility? Have you been inside this facility? I attended Guion when there were no walls. I attended Pike through the transition. It hurts to see that another Pike Alumni would not stand up for what is right. Is all of this worth the average $2.94 per week that not building the school would give back to tax payers. (Most of Pike Twp Homes are between $100k-$150k). Politics aside, our kids need a safe school. Since it costs less money to build, that means a new school. All with out seeing a tax increase. Can I count on a "YES" vote from you for the Pike Schools Referendum?