Friday, February 5, 2010

Democratic County Chairman Ed Treacy Calls for Councilor Lincoln Plowman to Resign: Two County Chairman Continue With Silly "Resignation" Feud

Here we go again. Republican Councilor Lincoln Plowman has not even been accused of a crime, yet that didn't stop Democratic Marion County Chairman Ed Treacy from arguing that Plowman should resign because he has been suspended from the police department pending an investigation.

In Treacy's defense, this comes on the heels of the misdemeanor battery allegations against Councilor Doris Minton-McNeil which resulted in the Councilor's acquittal. Even before she had a chance to defend herself in court, Republican County Chairman Tom John issued a press release demanding she resign based solely on the fact she had been accused of a crime.

This resignation came on the heels of other allegations and demands for resignations by Treacy and John.

Can we put a stop to this silly "resignation" feud? Both Republican and Democratic county leaders should have respect for the judicial system. People in this country are innocent until proven guilty. We should not be demanding the resignation of anyone who is simply accused of a crime.


Marycatherine Barton said...

I so agree with Paul Ogden. Treacy and John look for opportunities to thrown their weight around, against officeholders they dislike.

LucySky said...

Did Ed Treacy call for resgnation of Lincoln Plowman or Ed Coleman? I'm confused.

Sean Shepard said...

@LucySky (and everyone)

Lincoln Plowman (R), not Ed Coleman (L).

Calling for Plowman's resignation is standard political grandstanding, waiting to see if there was really any wrong doing or any charges being filed is reasonable.

Innocent until proven guilty?

Unknown said...

Minton-McNeill was asked to resign after she was arrested after a public, eyewitnessed incident. Paul Bateman and Monroe Gray were not asked to resign from their Council Seats, but from leadership positions due to conflicts of interest and ethical issues.

While political granstanding may be a fair criticism, the Plowman & Minton-McNeill examples are not Apples to Apples comparisons.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Sorry for the error. I mean to say Plowman not Coleman. It should be fixed now.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I'm not buying the distinction between Plowman and Minton-McNeil. The fact is the judicial system found Minton-McNeil not guilty. That ends the matter. Let's just let the judicial system work.

I'm more inclined to believe your distinction with respect to Monroe Gray and Paul Bateman

Unknown said...

Tim Maguire should call for ALL Republicans and Democrats to resign everything everywhere.

LucySky said...

I am so tired of political posturing from all sides - Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party folks, etc. I am also disappointed by how much power & influence we hand over to Party leaders. Why do we allow people such as County Chairmen to manipulate the system? I can't agree with the post suggesting that all Democrats & Republicans should resign. We are already seeing Tea Party folks being lead like sheep at their convention this weekend. How do we encourage intelligent debate & honest consideration of candidates? Maybe I am naive but I do believe it is possible & I will continue to ask the questions.