Monday, January 25, 2010

Watching the Colts With Mixed Emotions

After the big win last night, I called up a friend of mine who like me is a big football fan, and a fan of the Colts. While he was happy about the win, he wasn't as excited as I expected.. He expressed his contempt for Jim Irsay and Bill Polian and commented about their disdain the have showed toward the fans and the City of Indianapolis who made Irsay a billionaire.

My friend also went back to the Jets regular season when the Colts yanked their starters, giving up having not only a Super Bowl winner, but a team that would forever be remembered in history as a Super Bowl winner with an undefeated record. The claim by team officials that they didn't want key players hurt before the playoffs, was exposed as a lie the next week when Peyton Manning played in a Buffalo blizzard, dumping short passes to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark solely for the purpose of each getting 100 catches on the season. The short passes exposed Wayne and Clark to one dangerous shot after another by Buffalo linebackers. Fortunately they made it to their 100 catch goal without injury.

In about two weeks, I will be cheering for the Colts to win the Super Bowl. Part of me though knows that winning is the only thing between Irsay and the well-deserved wrath of the Indianapolis community. While a Super Bowl win will be enjoyed, so too will be the day that Irsay gets his much deserved comeuppance from the Indianapolis community. Being a winner is important, but so too is being a good corporation citizen. Irsay gets an A for the former and an F for the latter.


Cato said...

Every Colts fan is collectivist, America-hating, thug.

Simple as that. Colts fans steal from everyone for their fun and hide behind some Marxist collective good as justification.

The NFL is deadly dull and scripted. If not for tuning in to enjoy the Colts lose as payback for the theft, I'd never watch the sport.

It was good to see the Colts miss the Bears' record for most wins in a season. We all know that the '85 Bears would have sent Manning out of the game on a gurney.

Unknown said...

With 17 players currently on the injured list there might be logic to their plan.

The Jets...the Greene and Strickland injuries really hurt

One of the turning points in the game occurred when Shonn Greene (ribs) went out with a painful injury....but hey I could be wrong

and Cato....I could be wrong but, the goal everyone wanted the Colts to pursue was the 1972 Dolphins Perfect Season. I will mention to my 73 year old father his affinity for the Packers and Colts make him a Marxist.

Diana Vice said...

These are my sentiments exactly. I think Jim Irsay is a hypocrite. Who is he to say that Rush Limbaugh shouldn't be able to buy a football franchise, especially after he gave money to the disgraced John Edwards. He covered all of his bases, though, and gave money to the other side too, which tells me he doesn't stand for anything.

Tony Dungy is an honorable man, so I still remained a Colts fan, but when he left, my loyalties and excitement for the team diminished somewhat.

I am a huge fan of Peyton Manning, but I couldn't get as excited as some of my friends and family members over the game yesterday, because of the reasons you have stated and others.

M Theory said...

As long as we can find money to give Ir$ay (a billionaire) a stadium, and not have enough resources to solve the blight of abandoned houses that are literally rotting our city, I cannot find it in myself to get excited about Ir$ay's football team of millionaires.

Cato? I appreciate what you say. They are sheeple herded into stadiums with blinders on and completely unable to see the blight and rotting city within a few blocks of the Gladitorium.

M Theory said...

The NFL helps serve the false paradigm of Us VS. Them or the false Left VS. Right agenda.

We are all in the same boat together. Yet we are constantly persuaded to pick one side or the other when we basically all want the same things.

I've never known America to be as polarized as it is today.

Honestly ask yourself this to test my theory.

Do you think if our president today suffered the same fate that JFK did, there would be the same out pouring of mourning there was in 1963?

Or would part of our nation be cheering?

Just because our city wins a football game, doesn't make us better or more valuable than your city.

Call me a kook, but I think it is part of a mind control agenda similar to that of of the Roman Colesium days except that we don't fight to the death anymore because that is not the important aspect of the exercise.

Focusing the collective sheeple mind on Us VS. Them is what matters and why the politicians and the NFL are so cozy.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I think you missed the point. The Colts "plan" to protect their key players from injury was completely contradicted when, after losing to the Jets in Game 15, they risked injury to those exact same players in Game 16, in a blizzard no less, that meant nothing.

Manning was throwing short passes to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark just for the purpose of Wayne and Clark getting 100 catches. The dinky passes Manning was throwing to Wayne and Clark exposed them to one shot after another by Bills defenders, beefy linebackers no less. The minute each got to 100 catches, they were pulled.

It was about the most insane thing I have ever seen a football team do. We're so fortunate that Wayne and Clark didn't get hurt in Buffalo.

Marycatherine Barton said...

As owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay has been so greedu, and given back so little to the everyday people of Indianapolis. He represents what is wrong with America.