Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Trouble for Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi

I have a federal appeals court brief to write the next few days so I'll keep this short. I woke up this morning to find on the front page of the Indianapolis Star a story about our prosecutor Carl Brizzi that indicates he might have been less than truthful about his ties to Indianapolis businessman Timothy Durham. Here is part of that story:

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, under fire for his financial ties to embattled Indianapolis businessman Timothy S. Durham, also invested in a Los Angeles movie company with deep connections to Durham, according to records obtained by The Indianapolis Star.

Records filed in May show Brizzi held shares in Red Rock Picture Holdings, a production company that has loaned millions of dollars to National Lampoon, which is run by Durham. Durham is a major investor, director and interim chief executive of the company, best known for its "Animal House" and "Vacation" comedy movies.

It is not known whether Brizzi currently holds shares in Red Rock. If he does, the disclosure would contradict a statement he made earlier this week, when he said he had no further financial ties to Durham, beyond those already reported in news stories.

While there have been complaints about Brizzi not answering question, from a legal standpoint he might not want to talk. He could have real insider trading problems. Although probably less than 1% of the people involved in insider trading ever get caught, when the feds do get someone in their sights, they like to make an example of them.

Over at Advance Indiana, Gary Welsh has a story about Brizzi's ties to local real estate developer John Bales. That name should sound familiar. Bales' company, Venture Real Estate, received a sweetheart no-bid real estate contract with the administration of Mayor Greg Ballard for the exclusive right to commissions to any city property sold. Brizzi was involved in business dealings with Bales, while at the same time using taxpayer money to rent office space at 251. E. Ohio Street from Bales' company, Meridian Asset Development. Welsh provides more detail on the business relationship between Brizzi and Bales.

I'm afraid the Republican Party locally is sinking as insider dealing and conflicts that are just now rising to the surface. What is next? Imagine an expose of the relationship between Ballard contributors and those receiving city contracts? While Brizzi's financial ties undoubtedly cross the line into impropriety, the conduct of the current administration in selling out this city to contractors, developers, and other insiders has been troubling. The only people who seem to be remaining on the Ballard bandwagon these days are those who are cashing in as quickly as they can from this administration. Yet Mayor Ballard thinks those folks, who have sunk any chance he has of re-election, are his "friends." Go figure.


Nobody said...

Very good job reporting the happenings with Brizzi because there is even more to the story than that and it's all going to surface. Brizzi should do the city of Indianapolis a favor and resign because his political career is over.

Brizzi isn't the only one in the GOP who have been up to no good and due to the nonsense with what the GOP did to Ron Paul's delegates and certain members of the Republican Liberty Caucus, they have created so many enemies that even their closest friends are ratting them out to protect their asses.

I know said...

I can't wait until someone drops the curtain on the State Agencies all the way to the Governor of the cozy state appointed folks who are given decades long contracts and then default on them only to allowed to keep the very contract they defaulted on!

The concrete price fixing gang sits in prison while the gold old boys with state contracts they defaulted on are sitting in front of legislative panels begging for tax breaks!!!!!!