Friday, December 18, 2009

The Alternate Universe Occupied by the Star's Editors

A quote from the Star's editorial this morning on the new public safety hire:

"Mayor Ballard, who has shown a knack for surrounding himself with strong people, appears to have made another good hire."

In what alternate universe are the Star's editors living? The only strong hires I can think Mayor Ballard has made are Public Safety Director Scott Newman (now gone), Robert Vane (communications director) and animal control director Doug Rae (run out of his job.) Instead the a major problem with this adminstration is that Mayor Ballard has repeatedly appointed young, inexperienced people to key leadership positions in his administration, people who because of their youth and inexperience are easily subject to manipulation by insider Republican types who are busy trying to profit off of the current administration to the detriment of the Mayor's re-election chances.


Downtown Indy said...

Now I'm just saying this because it's true -

Bernard Kerik, the NYPD Commish who was later tapped for Secretary of Homeland Security, the guy who's plead guilty to two ethics charges and was charged with accepting gifts from a NJ construction company, and has numerous IRS problems -

This is the fellow who hired Straub in 2001 to be Director of Training for NYPD.

Here's hoping Kerik wasn't Straub's Rev. Wright.

M Theory said...

I got another spam from the Indy Star this morning asking me to subscribe to their coupons!

They aren't selling journalism anymore.