Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Advice to Colts Management

This message if for Colts management: Irsay, Polian and Caldwell. I keep hearing how management wants to put the fiasco of Sunday afternoon behind them. There is a way to do exactly that- APOLOGIZE. You made a mistake. You took the Colts fans for granted, casting away the perfect season as if it meant nothing. It meant something to Colts fans as well as the players.

The Colts' management reminds me of a husband arguing with his wife, trying to convince her that he was somehow right about something. It is an argument he will never win. Just apologize and call it a day. Otherwise you'll be sleeping on the couch for the rest of your life.


Downtown Indy said...

The most incredible part was Polian explaining a how achieving a perfect season wasn't like a NFL most consecutive wins record and was therefore no big deal.

Huh? This is the brilliant mind that negotiated the lopsided-est stadium contract ever?

Paul K. Ogden said...

I think Polian thinks he's a lot smarter than he actually is. He's reached the point where he thinks he can spout BS and people should accept it as true because he's Bill Polian.

Cato said...

From a Football perspective, they made the right choice. Rest everybody. Don't force Manning to play outside in Buffalo. It's going to be 20 and snowing up there on Sunday. Manning isn't tough enough to handle that type of weather. The Colts made the smart play by losing.

The sad conclusion all this whinging proves is that Indy residents need a perfect season to salve their frail egos, not for any legitimate sports reason.

Indy's not Boston. It will never be Boston. It doesn't help Indy to chase Boston records. Indy's inferiority complex won't go away if the Colts win 100 Super Bowls.

Just when Indy thinks it might have sports on Boston's level, Bostonians will ask you how many MLB and NHL games are played in Indy, every year. Care to compare seaports, financial clout and historical importance?

Let it go. The Colts aren't that good, and they were gifted several wins, this year, by the refs and the League script. Polian took, all year; it was his turn to step aside. This is how NFL theater is played.

It's horribly embarrassing to see Indy publicly cry, day upon day, about a Football loss. Is there nothing else going on in Indy?

Let it go.

Downtown Indy said...

Maybe people just expect the team they back 100% to always play at 100%? And an 'almost perfect season' is no better than an 'almost won the super bowl.'

Personally I don't care either way. I don't follow the team at all.

But it seems tantamount to a player shaving points or otherwise throwing the game. Either of those is illegal, I believe.

patriot paul said...

In Thursday morning's Star, Irsay defends the choice, because the Superbowl is the goal. Hmm. Resting players and losing sounds like the politics of fear. The game was played on the 27th, a full 6 weeks until Superbowl on Feb.7th. Good grief. And now we're supposed to see the Colts lay down in Buffalo too?