Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Event Schedule for Lucas Oil Stadium

I count 22 events scheduled at the stadium next year. You add in 10 home Colts games and count the days listed below and you're talking about using the building 45 out of 365 days or 12% of the time.

I'm sure though the Klapper bar mitzvah will probably fill the place up.

Lucas Oil Stadium Schedule From December 29 2009 - December 29 2010

Tue Jan 5 - Jan 6 2010 Central Area Hospital Group

Tue Jan 12 2010 Prudential 2010 Indiana Fast Start

Sat Jan 30 2010 Monster Jam

Sat Feb 20 2010 Supercross

Fri Mar 5 - Mar 7 2010 Indianapolis Home & Flower Show

Wed Mar 10 2010 Troyer's Food Trade Show

Sat Mar 20 2010 Ben Klapper Bar Mitzvah

Sat Apr 3 - Apr 5 2010 NCAA Division I Men's Final Four Basketball Chmps

Thu Apr 22 2010 Indiana Orthopaedic Society Presidents Welcome

Thu Apr 22 - Apr 24 2010 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC LOS)

Sat May 1 2010 Celadon's 25th Birthday Celebration

Tue May 4 2010 IWDC Sales & Purchasing Convention Reception

Sat May 8 2010 Plainfield High School Prom

Wed May 26 - May 27 2010 Ind. Long Term Care Convention & Expo Prospectus

Fri May 28 2010 Baldwin & Lyons Race Weekend Celebration

Mon Jun 7 2010 Kimball Nena Client Event

Tue Jun 8 - Jun 10 2010 Indiana Funeral Directors Convention

Thu Aug 12 - Aug 14 2010 DCI World Championships

Wed Oct 20 - Oct 22 2010 National FFA Convention 2010 (LOS)

Sat Oct 30 2010 ISSMA Marching Band Finals

Thu Nov 4 2010 Midwest Health Care Engineering Trade Show

Sat Nov 6 2010 BOA Regional Competition

Wed Nov 10 - Nov 13 2010 BOA Grand Nationals


Had Enough Indy? said...

So, let me get this straight. The Colts don't pay a dime for the maintanence of LOS. It costs an additional $20 million to operate LOS over the cost of operating the dome. That makes it $571,428.57 per event day.... Of taxpayer money....

What a deal !!

M Theory said...

Where's the car show? I seem to remember it was always in early January in the old RCA/Hoosier Dome.


Downtown Indy said...

Car show is going on right now at the convention center. It left the Dome years ago.

The Star has a coupon for you to get in at a discount. ;-)

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm prety sure they're not using the main field area for many of those events. They're probably using some room there in Lucas Oil Stadium and it is counted as an event.