Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marion County Referenda Results

For some reason, my home township, Pike, for some reason has become very slow in reporting. However, most of the precinct results are in. It is clear that the Wishard referendum passes. Right now the "yes" total is at about 82% of the vote. That will probably dip to or below 80% as more outer township precincts report.

Interestingly the Franklin Township school referenda went down to defeat in a lopsided 2-1 fashion. (I didn't have a very good handle on those southern township school referenda votes..shouldn't have made a prediction.) The Perry township referendum vote total is close but also appears to be failing. It appears only the Beech Grove referendum passed.

Back to the Wishard referendum, I have long preached the power of words. Health & Hospital lobbyists effectively won the election this summer when they were able to insert a provision in the budget bill that allowed H&H to avoid mentioning in the referendum question the building of the hospital or how much they were borrowing in bonds backed by property taxes. The school referenda in the southern part of the county had the amount being borrowed listed in the question considered by voters this evening. Would listing the project and amount being borrowed have led to the defeat of the Wishard referendum? Absolutely not. But the election would have been a lot closer and gave opponents a fighting chance which they never had.

An interesting note is the number of precincts in the old city limits which had unanimous or near-unanmous votes in favor of the Wishard referendum. Some vote totals: 90-0, 193-1, 34-1, 89-1, 81-0, 69-1, 162-1, 17-0, 148-0, 81-0, 179-0, 22-0. I actually counted 11 total precincts in the old city limits which had unanimous "yes" Wishard votes. I haven't started analyzing township data yet.

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