Friday, November 6, 2009

The Marion County GOP Eats Its Young

This morning at my dentist's office I ran into "Shelly, " who was working there as an office manager. Shelly had been active in Republican politics in a township on the westside. I asked her if she was still involved in Marion County Republican politics. She said "No."

That piqued my curiosity. Shelly had been an incredibly energetic leader of that township YR's club. She was very popular and membership in the township's YR club boomed to astonishing numbers during her tenure. It was obvious that her club was the ideal starting point for many young Republicans to take an active role in that township's GOP, becoming the future precinct committeemen, ward leaders and elected officials.

I asked Shelly what happened. She told me that the party leaders did not want her and she eventually quit. The township she had been active in has long been dominated by an "old boys network". While the old boys network does allow women, they weren't interested in a bunch of young, energetic Republicans who might have their own ideas about things.

I understood. Been there. Done that. I have the t-shirt to prove it.

On my way out, the receptionist asked for my card. She had heard from Shelly that I was active in Republican politics and she wanted to be too. She was about the same age as Shelly was when she headed up the YR group. She was enthusiastic and eager to be involved. I'll certainly help her any way I can. I just hope she doesn't end up having her spirit crushed. We Marion County Republicans cannot continue to eat our young to keep the old boy network alive.


Melyssa said...

Paul? Why do you keep trying?

Sociopaths cannot be reformed.

God bless you for trying, but it will never work.

Disgruntled R's need to visit the Libertarian platform and if they agree, throw their help to the L's who DESERVE to win office.

Paul K. Ogden said...

With all due respect to my Libertarian friends, the Libertarian Party gets the same percentage today that they got 26 years ago when I was in college. It's not fair, but it's reality. The American people are locked into the two party system, for better or worse, and there is admittedly a lot of worse.

Again, with all due respect to my Libertarian friends, the GOP establishment doesn't tremble in their boots when a Republican becomes a Libertarian. Their biggest concern is when reform-minded Republicans fight back for the heart and soul of the GOP. If Gary Welsh nd I turned Libertarian, Tom John would be throwing one hell of a party.

Nick said...

Just for giggles....

GOP Open House Cartoon

Blog Admin said...


You're free to cast your vote as you like. But the Libertarian Party rarely, if ever, wins any elections, capturing 3-5% of the vote if they are lucky. But if those same 3-5% went into the Republican Party, they could have more influence during the primaries, lobbyinf for their ideals, etc...

Look at the religious right, or any number of the not-for-profits political orgs. Small portions of the overall populous exerting great influence within the 2 parties.

Nick said...

Ooops. Here is a better link to Mike Luckovich's Editorial Cartoon on the GOP Open House