Monday, November 9, 2009

IPOPA's Chris Worden Hits Home Run On Wishard Analysis

Just when I thought every Democrat in the city, save Pat Andrews, was willing to overlook the tactics employed by the Wishard folks in support of the referendum, along comes an incredibly articulate analysis put forward by Indianapolis attorney Chris Worden who runs the blog, Indianapolis' Painfullly Objective Political Analysis.

He hits the ball out of the park. Chris voted for the referendum, but he is fair, objective and unbiased in his analysis of the facts involved and the tactics used by the Wishard people. The Indianapolis Star's reporters and editors, who ignored those facts and tactics lest they interfere with the Star's cheerleading efforts, could learn a thing or two about journalism from Chris.

Chris' take on the Wishard referendum is a must read. I just wish I had seen it earlier.

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