Saturday, October 24, 2009

A "No" Vote On Wishard Referendum Forces Health and Hospital To Live Up to Promise to Not Raise Property Taxes to Pay for New Hospital

From Pat Andrews "Had Enough Indy" blog:

Take heart if you have been considering voting "NO" on the Wishard Referendum. Should the outcome be "NO", Health & Hospitals can continue forward and still build their new campus. The only thing that would change is that H&H would be banned from raising your property taxes to pay off the bonds. They have said all along that they can pay off the bonds with ongoing profits from Wishard. All they have to do is float revenue bonds. And, they could have floated revenue bonds without holding a referendum.

Hold them to their promise not to raise your property taxes. Vote "NO" on the Wishard question. You will not be forcing them to live with burst pipes. You will not be forcing them to live without a new campus. You will only be forcing them to be true to their word - that they will not use property taxes to repay the bonds they use to finance the project.
Amen, Pat, Amen.


Downtown Indy said...

Interesting how they've painted this as 'vote for a new hospital or no new hospital' when it's really a referendum on which kind of bonds they will use.

Downtown Indy said...

Indy Star lies again:

Early Voting Continued Strong Today

"The countywide referendum allows voters to decide whether the county will spend $754 million to build a new facility for Wishard Memorial Hospital."

There is no shame nor scruples at 307 N Penn.