Monday, September 7, 2009

The Obama Speech to Schoolchildren: Conservatives Need to Take a Chill Pill

A lot of my fellow Republicans and conservatives are up in arms over President Barack Obama's plan to address the nation's schoolchildren on Tuesday. I'm not one of them.

Whatever we on the right think about Obama's policies, I think we should applaud his living out the American dream and his commitment to those family values we on the right have long espoused. He does have a positive, uplifting message, sans partisan politics, that our schoolchildren would be wise to listen to and emulate in their own lives. Isn't that what we as conservatives want?

As far as whether to show the President's speech to the classroom, that's a no brainer. You record it and if it has educational merit you show it to the kids. Now that the White House has released a transcript of the speech, the teachers should show it live. Reading the transcript it appears to have educational merit and is an uplifting, inspirational lesson that our children would benefit from hearing.

There are many political battles ahead. We conservatives should not waste ammunition fighting against a President because he wants to give a speech to schoolchildren espousing the very conservative views we hold near and dear. Instead we should thank the President.

ADDENDUM: I would also say that parents should have the right to opt out if they want. Again, a no brainer.


Downtown Indy said...

When I was in grade school, we all got little '33s' with snips of several presidential speeches going back to Roosevelt.

No big deal.

What concerns me is the overall presumption that one speech is somehow going to corrupt children en mass. And that somehow this will be the end of their free thought.

I'm concerned, not by the event tomorrow, but by the apparent inability of those parents to seize the opportunity to instill their own messages as a counterbalance. They just want to run and hide instead. As if whatever Obama tells them is going to override family values.

THAT'S scary. Have they all lost the ability to think for themselves?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

With his record of telling the "truth" so far, why should we have believed him without seeing the transcript.
The "lesson plans" were all about him. Even the transcript currently posted on the WH website contains the words "I," "I'm," and "I've" hundreds of times.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

I will now say that if he follows his script, I don't see how anybody could have much of a problem with his speech.
I would be VERY interested in reading what he had planned on saying before he got called out.

jabberdoodle said...

Paul you prove that not all on the right have lost their senses. CT - paleese !

Downtown Indy said...

I do find it strange that his message to children is get an education and discover what you do well, that it's their responsibility to do these things to put in the hard work it takes to succeed...

But his modus operandi is one of catering and schmoozing to unions where education is typically minimal, personal responsibility is secondary to what the union bosses and job-defining rules require to you do (or more importantly NOT do), and motivation is not based on what you are good at but rather what pay scales seniority gets you.