Friday, September 25, 2009

Fred Glass Takes Over IU Football Program

The Indianapolis Business Journal is reporting that IU Athletic Director Fred Glass is cutting back on senior staff in his office and has personally taken over the operations of the IU football program.

Glass ran the Capital Improvement Board while Mayor Peterson was in office. At the CIB, he signed the sweetheart deal with the Colts to use Lucas Oil Stadium, a deal that gave away almost all the revenue off of the building to the Colts and left the CIB with a huge operating deficit. It is a deal that is almost universally criticized today, by Republicans and Democrats, as unnecessarily lopsided.

Why IU would hire Glass after his mismanagement of the CIB is a mystery.

Nonetheless, there is a silver lining. IU's football program has historically been so bad that it would be tough for even Fred Glass to make it any worse. I'm sure though that won't stop him from trying.


Patriot Paul said...

You know, regardless of circumstances, it is shameful to see the same names returning to one job, then another, like a shell game.
Is that the safest way to cover one's tracks is to let allow a small club rotate jobs?

IndyObserver99 said...

Enjoy the view from outside the arena, Paul.

Jon said...

Maybe IU needs a domed stadium Fred?

Unigov said...

"Why IU would hire Glass after his mismanagement of the CIB is a mystery."

I think this is like wealthy American Catholics being appointed ambassador to Ireland, it's a cush slash prestige job. Possibly a quid pro quo from Myles Brand in exchange for Glass's role in building Lucas, which helps the NCAA.

IndyObserver99 said...

Myles Brand was years removed from Indiana University when Glass was hired. The president of the NCAA does not hire athletic directors. Also, Glass took a major pay cut for the job. You are quite ignorant.