Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2009 Payouts by Indianapolis/Marion County To Law Firms

NOTE: According to later information I received, some of the payouts below actually were in 2008 and some of the 2009 payouts were not been included in the total.

According to city/county records, 2009 (thus far) payouts to law firms exceeding $40,000 include the following:

Barnes & Thornburg $784,500
Bingham McHale $250,00
Bose McKinney $222,100
Stewart & Irwin $116,607
Taft Stettinius $159,420
Locke Reynolds (now Frost Brown) $109,000
Baker & Daniels $85,000
Krieg Devault $55,000
Tabbert Hahn $40,000

Note: These do not include payouts by municipal corporations. For example, Health & Hospital Corporation employs Barnes & Thornburg which is paid out of its budget.

Barnes & Thornburg is on course to probably top an incredible $1 million in legal fees for 2009 from the city/county. So much for that claim by B&T Managing Partner Bob Grand to a Star reporter in December of last year that B&T only had legal contracts with the city worth a couple hundred thousand dollars. At the time, the reporter asked me for my response and . I told him rand was not being honest about ALL the legal services contracts B&T has with the city and county, and pointed to specific B&T contracts that I knew about and that Grand had not disclosed to the reporter. I said at the time the contracts were not in the $200,000 range, but were closer to $700,000. The 2009 payout records showed I even underestimated how much the city was paying Grand's firm.

Right before the election I talked to candidate Greg Ballard. He promised me that if elected he would stop the practice of handing out city legal work to big law firms that charge inflated legal fees while running up huge, needless bills on the taxpayers. I guess Ballard was as serious about that campaign promise as the one he made about not raising taxes.


Gary R. Welsh said...

Paul, Those payment figures don't include any payments made by the municipal corporations. The figures would vary and other law firms would be on that list if those figures are included.

Paul K. Ogden said...


You're right. Of course Health & Hospital employes Barnes & Thornburg. Not sure about the others.

Unknown said...

I think that the City would be well-served to hire Mr. Ogden as it's legal representative. He has a strong legal background and a brilliant mind and would definitely do what is needed. WP

Leslie Sourwine said...


I doubt the city is interested in an attorney with a strong legal background with the caliber of ethics Paul Ogden has. It would be much harder to collect taxpayer money and hand it out to corporations and other businesses with Paul on the payroll.

I've always wondered what it would feel like to spend thousands to millions of dollars. I think the only way I will ever find out is to run for mayor of Indianapolis. From the looks of those financial figures provided by Paul it would appear as though the mayor has had a party with taxpayer money.

If I were mayor and I handed millions of dollars of taxpayer money to the private jail what could I expect in return? Would that return come in according to body count and does the proceeds go directly into my pocket or my campaign fund?

How many assistants/attorneys would I need to continue to squander taxpayer money without any oversight whatsoever? Finally if an investigation was pursued can I count on my partners to not sell me out to save their own skins? Those questions and the answers are the recipe for an ulcer.

I don't think I could make a good mayor living on a tightrope every day worrying about those around me watching my backside.