Saturday, August 1, 2009

John Ruckleshaus Pens Letter to Precinct Committeemen in Senate District 30; Calls for Party Unity

July 28, 2009

Dear [Name of Precinct Committeeman}:

I take this opportunity to again thank you for meeting with me and considering my candidacy for the state senate. While the results were less than what I had hoped for, I knew the race would be very competitive. All four candidates were strong, and represent the best of what we as a party can offer the voters. I have said from the beginning of this process that I would be comfortable with the results and would support the winner. The precinct committeemen have spoken, and though I have learned a lesson in life that what is meant to be will be, I take solace that things always happen for a reason.

Scott Schneider is a good friend, an excellent father and a good businessman. He will make an excellent state senator. I will do all in my power to help Scott in his new role as our state senator and will help as many Hoosiers as I can along the way. The challenges before us as a state, a community and as a family are simply too grave for us to spend time and energy elsewhere.

Please join me in congratulating Scott and wishing him and his family well. I also want to congratulate Ryan Vaughn and Chris Douglas. Both are excellent men and true public servants. As I have said before, there were no losers on election night.

I am deeply troubled, however, about the recent actions and comments made by some in our party. The Marion County Republican Party has an obligation to lead and conduct itself in the fashion of great leaders from Lincoln to Hudnut to Reagan. It is my hope that all who were associated with last week’s caucus can put aside any personal motives and come together behind Senator Schneider. We will not be successful if we are a party divided; rather we need to come together, be as inclusionary as possible and see the best in all.

As always, I will be working to improve the lives of Hoosiers. Should you wish to meet again for any reason, I am always up for a cup of coffee and willing to help. You may contact me at Again, I congratulate Scott and wish him the best.


John C. Ruckelshaus

Paid for and authorized by Hoosiers for Ruckelshaus


Downtown Indy said...

I know nothing at all about him, but John seems a man with integrity, class and decency.

I don't know Tom John either, but I don't see those qualities there.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I've known John since we both were members of the same Monday, 7 am Toastmaster Group. Looking back we were insane to be there that early on a Monday morning. But John's a class act. I've always liked him and would have been proud to have him as a state representative.