Monday, August 24, 2009

Jail Guard Arrested For Soliciting Sex; Was a Jumbo Snickers Part of the Offer?

It's hard not to find humorous a guy who tries to solicit sex using a a candy bar and a Coke or a pack of smokes.

Today's Indianapolis Star reports:

A rookie Marion County Jail guard was arrested and accused of soliciting sex from a customer at a gas station where he moonlights on security duty.

Deputy Paul Wagner, 25, was charged preliminarily with soliciting prostitution and official misconduct while working at the Speedway station in the 5100 block of East Washington Street, said Col. John Layton of the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

Wagner was under surveillance by the Sheriff's Department when he offered a female customer a candy bar and Coke or a pack of cigarettes for oral sex, authorities said. Layton said the woman, who was not a prostitute but a regular customer at the gas station, had complained that Wagner had harassed her before.

The Sheriff's Department set up the sting and arrested Wagner early Saturday.

Wagner was charged with official misconduct because he was wearing his sheriff's uniform at the time.

Wagner has been with the department for 10 months and was suspended without pay.

Moonlighting by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers, more than half of whom work second jobs, has come under close scrutiny over concerns the system in place now leaves the city open to safety and liability issues, as well as embarrassing or even potentially criminal instances of corruption.


varangianguard said...

Shouldn't the IMPD have been the police entity following up on this? I thought the MCSD was "out" of the enforcement business in this town???

Paul K. Ogden said...

Excellent question. I get the sense that the MCSD is still very interested in getting back in the law enforcement business.

Steve said...

Why did the article even mention anything about IMPD. This guy worked for the Sheriff. IMPD policies do not cover the Sheriffs Department.