Monday, July 13, 2009

Timothy-Patrick Treacy Update: Pretrial #36 Tomorrow

Previously I reported on the strange case of Timothy-Patrick Treacy who has underwent 35 pre-trials and remains in jail nearly 3 years after one of his DUI charges was filed. This is despite the fact that he moved for a speedy trial years ago and despite the requirements of 70 day/6 month and 1 year deadlines for prosecution contained in Criminal Rule 4.

Locked Up Abroad, Er, In Indianapolis: The Story of Timothy Treacy, His Run in With the IPD, and His 35 DUI Pre-Trials (6/11/2009)

Just wanted to update. Tomorrow morning, Superior Court #18, will be Treacy's 36th pre-trial. Let's see if they do the right thing and drop the charges. Regardless, the Indiana Supreme Court needs to take a close look at the conduct of the individuals involved, including members of the Marion County Prosecutor's Office who have continued to pursue this fiasco of a prosecution long after they had an ethical duty to dismiss.


rose411 said...

I plan to be in the court room tomorrow in support of Mr. Treacy. He is a wonderful human being that has endured more than anyone can imagine. He is amazingly strong to have held up for so long under these conditions. It would be wonderful to see a full house in his support.
I wonder what the Judge would do if a court room full of supporters actually demanded his release.
Shall we invite the press?

Blog Admin said...

What time will the trial be?

Claudia Beck Treacy said...

We don't know what will happen, but the times is set for 9 am

Melyssa said...

Claudia, my prayers are with you and your son.

Thanks Paul for bringing this message to the light of day.