Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Political Strategy of CIB Bailout Supporters

There have been two interesting political moves by CIB supporters that have gone mostly unnoticed.

Advocates of the CIB bailout were counting votes as the measure was being prepared to be heard in committee. The natural home for the CIB bailout is the Municipal Corporations Committee. Instead, Council President Bob Cockrum decided to put the measure in the Rules & Public Policy Committee. Translation: They counted the votes on the Municipal Corporations Committee and were gravely concerned it would pass. So instead Cockrum assigned it to a more friendly committee.

The newest development is that tonight's vote on the CIB bailout might be delayeduntil next week. Given the time crunch that the council is working on, this is no insignificant development. It represents that even on this favorable committee, Council President Bob Cockrum might not have the votes to pass the bailout.

Expect the bailout supporters to pack the room tonight. Supporters of the measure are going to get every CIB employee and supposed beneficiary of the bailout to the City-County Building to make their presence known. (Don't be surprised if they aren't being paid to be there.) Watch for them all to be dressed in their hospitality worker uniforms...to send the message to the council that this is about jobs. I saw them employ that strategy at the Statehouse. They will do it at the City-County building too. You can count on it.

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jabberdoodle said...

Very interesting. I wonder if Malone is balking. Just one R would cause the vote to tie, should all three Ds show up. Did she take a no new taxes pledge?