Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Political Manuevering By Council Democrats On CIB

People are questioning the absence of Democrats Monroe Gray and Minority Leader Joanne Sanders at last night's meeting of the Rules and Public Policy Committee that considered the CIB hotel tax increase, which will start the City on the road to additional tax increase. The two Democrats' absences made the numbers on committee 5-1 as opposed to 5-3. If the split was 5-3, it would have taken only one Republican vote to cross over and stop the measure.

I have warned my fellow Republicans repeatedly that Mayor Ballard is leading them off the political cliff on the CIB bailout. Councilor Sanders is a sharp politician. She fully intends to use the Republicans' vote for tax increases against the GOP come 2011. But Sanders knows full well that if the Democrats knock down the tax increase in committee, its value as a political football come 2011 is greatly reduced. Her goal is to stretch this out as long as possible so that Republican council members and Mayor Ballard take a beating on raising taxes.

I have also said that if Council President Bob Cockrum ends up a few votes short on the Republican side, Sanders is going to slip him a few Democrat votes in safe districts to make sure it passes. Leave aside the fact that Sanders is actually for the tax increases and the status quo of corporate welfare in this city, from a political standpoint a tax that passes is much greater political fodder than a tax that fails to pass.

Anyone remember former Governor Bayh campaigning for re-election as the Governor who never raised taxes? People remember that but forget that Governor Bayh early in his administration proposed a tax increase that Republicans in the legislature shot down. People didn't hold that against Governor Bayh. Tax increases that pass are remembered by the electorate while those that fail are not.

Again, Minority Leader Sanders knows what she is doing. She's going to wrap these CIB tax increases around the necks of Republicans in 2011 and throw them off the White River Bridge. My only solace is that I can say I told you so.

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M Theory said... is different now than in Bayh's era. The difference is the big wrecking ball called the Internet.

People can put their hands on the facts and link them in 2 seconds these days.

Politicians can't duck so easily now. It's only going to get stickier for them as social media becomes even more dominant.

Right now activists are building legions through their facebook pages. People trust personal relationships and insiders, like us, who have no personal financial stake in the game...just people who are gravely concerned for the future health of our city.

I'm not sure why the politicians are clueless to see this, but trust me, it will work to our advantage.

There's never been a better time in political history to fly right and put the people before party and personal gain. Because The People control the media.