Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meet Tadd Miller, the Newest Beneficiary of Indianapolis Tax Dollars

Some people have asked me who Tadd Miller is, the developer who is supposed to be getting the sweetheart downtown apartment deal that will cost Indianapolis taxpayers millions of dollars. The story was reported by John Ketzenberger of the Indianapolis Star today.

On the left is a picture of Tadd Miller attending a GOP "Indiana Leadership Forum" event a couple years ago. Oh, and on the right, is current head of City Legal, Chris Cotterill.


StillWind said...

I don't get it Paul... How much is it costing the city for that block to continue to deteriorate? How much is it costing downtown business to NOT have people living there?
Tiny minds accomplish nothing.

Citizen Kane said...


Most people who think like you don't get it. Tiny minds is the problem. The solution to everything is for the taxpayers to subsidize every doofus (see picture of original post) who puts his hand out. No one looks at tax policy and other structural issues that a city can control. All that is ever done is to grant special favors to individuals and then call it a success just because something got built. There were several apartment projects coming down the pike until the financial markets seize up. Sometimes, patience is a virtue. How about waiting until the economy rights itself (though under current national policies that is not very likely.