Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations Calls for Investigation of Capital Improvement Board

Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations, Inc.
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May 24, 2009

RE: call for investigation into the history and business transactions of the Capital Improvements Board of the City of Indianapolis

Dear Governor Daniels, Mayor Ballard and President Cockrum:

We believe that any responsible effort to seek long-term funding solutions for the activities and facilities managed by the Capital Improvements Board must include an investigation to evaluate the CIB’s past history and financial transactions. We respectfully request that you, as the ranking elected officials for the City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana, call for a thorough examination of the function, responsibilities, policies and authority of the Capital Improvements Board through its entire history. This would include its procedures, or lack thereof, to ensure the retirement of debt, as well as its financial ability to fully and responsibly fund the requirements of its contracts with any professional or semi-professional sports teams (i.e., Colts, Pacers, Indians, Fever, etc.), or any other entity, public or private, prior to those contracts being signed.

It is certain that the current economic climate in our country has contributed to the difficult funding situation now faced by the CIB, but we believe that past practices and decisions have been a greater contributor to the general long-term decline of the CIB’s fiscal soundness. The investigation for which we call is not to point fingers, but rather to quantify all the factors that have led to the CIB’s current position and ensure that those factors do not recur and contribute to future financial conundrums. It is clear that, whatever solution is adopted to resolve the CIB shortfalls, the residents and businesses of Marion County, and perhaps the state, will be ultimately responsible for generating most, if not all, of the new funding streams needed. It is therefore incumbent upon the citizenry to demand establishment of protocols and policies that will safeguard against the creation of future problems.

As City and a State, we must expect nothing less than one hundred percent accountability and transparency from any and all agencies and governmental units that represent and act on behalf of the public, particularly when those actions result in significant financial liabilities. We hope that you share this vision and will seek not only a solution to the financial crises of the CIB but also a resolution to the framework that led us to this crisis.


Catherine A. Burton,



Melyssa said...

Does Catherine Burton know that city councilor Ed Coleman TRIED to do just that as a city councilor in the Fall of 2008.

He got his hands slapped real fast by the city council president and the rest of the Marion County GOP muckedty-mucks who don't give a damn about the taxpayers.

Coleman told me that was the main reaon he switched parties and left the GOP. I respect him for it too. Took a lot of courage to stand up against that corruption.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Burton has demonstrated herself to be a class act.

My recommendation when she and her organization are rebuffed is to find a competent, committed attorney and take her case to the courts.

Unigov said...

Sheesh, it's about time. I am not that familiar with MCANA but they should have called for this years ago.

The CIB was set up precisely to keep such shenanigans out of the public eye. That's the only reason the CIB exists. Once you start thinking this way, it gets a little weird, but everything makes sense.