Thursday, May 7, 2009

CIB Hands Out Pay Raises; Where is the City's Leadership?

It's the same old Indianapolis corporate welfare mentality - soak it to the average working man and woman while enriching the corporate elites. WTHR's Mary Milz reports on the news that at the same time the Capital Improvement Board is slashing low level jobs and renegotiating labor contracts claiming they have a huge $47 million deficit, the Board is giving its executives big bonuses:
Indianapolis - The board that runs the city's sports venues faces a $47 million shortfall. The CIB has made nearly $9 million in budget cuts, but it's also paying some of its leadership more than it did a year ago.

According to information provided by executive director Barney Levengood, several key employees received raising totaling roughly $55,000 over the last 12

Special Service Manager Jen Ross' pay increased 9.3%; sports event coordinator Andy Arnold's 9.6%;Director of Operations Tom Boyles' 14.1% and Stadium Director Mike Fox's 35.6%.

Foxes pay was $94,507 in April of 2008. It's now $128,242.
All CIB employees received a 3% increase as of January 1, 2009.

Will this finally be the straw that breaks the camel's back and causes the Mayor to stand up and demand reform of the CIB? Or how about Republicans and Democrats on the council? Will any of them stand up criticize this CIB nonsense? Why is it Libertarian Ed Coleman, and Coleman alone, who is willing to exercise any leadership among the elected officials in this city and criticize the CIB and their giveaways of taxpayer money?

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M Theory said...

Paul, The Libertarian on the council stood up. He demanded Bob Grand's resignation.

As you know, his name is Ed Coleman.

Jon said...

How can anyone in Indianapolis believe that the CIB is in the midst of a financial crisis when they are giving 25%+ raises? To say they lack credibility is an understatement.

I know said...

$47,000,000.00 in debt or $32,000,000.00 in debt, ask for a bailout, give money to wealthy friends and get pay raises and bonus.

Gee, didn't Wall Street do the same thing and they have the world screaming at them?

CEO's, Officers and Board members are being replaced, ordered out by government officials and Indianapolis leaders rally to a dull thud while the same slimy actions occur right in front of their faces.

Plays like a bunch of kids with their hands in the cookie jar too. Somebody needs to take the cookies away like the Federal Government did. Gee, Indiana needs to wake up the world is changing from the old frontier days.