Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Question of Priorities - Mayor Ballard Defends Indianapolis' Tradition of Corporate Welfare

Gary Welsh's latest column on Senator Luke Kenley's CIB proposal not adding up is a must read.

What I found to be the best part of Welsh's article, was the last few sentences which sum up the frustration I and many Republicans have with Republican Mayor Greg Ballard.
When Mayor Greg Ballard took office, he had two choices for governing this city. He could change the city's direction by reordering its priorities. Or, he could maintain the status quo and spend his entire term in office trying to balance the City's books to pay for all of the excesses of the eight years of Bart Peterson's administration. By choosing the latter, he has sealed his fate as a one-term mayor.
While I'm not sure Ballard's defending these corporate welfare schemes is anything different what the Republican Mayors before him did, Welsh's comment highlights the fact that this Mayor had a choice - stand up for taxpayers or the wealthy insiders who have dominated Indianapolis' politics over the past few decades. The former would have given Ballard a chance for re-election. Instead he chose the latter which will doom him to be a one-term mayor, and an unpopular one at that.


Jon said...

Mr. Mayor, "if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem". You need to pay attention to what the majority of the people are saying about corporate welfare. You need to support the taxpayers, you know the people who elected you because of a backlash against taxes by the former mayor.

I know said...

To support corporate welfare the Legislature and the CCC ought to vote in a luxury tax on the HUGE salaries of the "athletes" of these teams.

Most of them certainly do not spend their money in Indiana.

Quit sending the Indiana taxpayer back to the well to offer more and more.

I know said...

If the CIB and LOS is a problem now what or who is going to pick up the tab for the City, State and Corporate boys and girls for the new practice stadium and facilities agreed to by Indianapolis for the Super Bowl?

What a mess! If a bail out is coming somebody better be looking forward or this time next year it will be a three aspirin night every night again.

Downtown Indy said...

Taxing the players more may give some a measure of satisfaction, but it would amount to a tiny fraction of the deficit.

The real problem is that Irsay was given the pie and we only kept the crumbs.

Citizen Kane said...

Thanks "I know" for reminding everyone about the SuperBowl debacle that is cost to cost us for years to come. That practice facility is going to be a problem for someone - us. And wait to everyone gets the bill for overtime public safety and public works employees related to this extravaganza to the detriment of them working on the important issues affecting the city.