Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Dog and Pony Show - The Deal Was Done

The deal that was cut behind closed doors was announced yesterday by Senator Luke Kenley who briefed reporters on the details yesterday...but insisted the information be kept secret until midnight. Midnight??? Hmm, what is significant about that time? It's that it is after the 11 p.m. television news broadcasts. So much for Kenley's claim he wanted a process open to the public. Yes, open to the public...after the deal had been struck. What you saw in the Senate Appropriations Committee was a dog and pony show to give the Senators the chance to claim they considered public input. I don't think the public was fooled though. The deal was done and the votes were lined up before the committee meeting started at 9 a.m.

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I know said...

The same old line it and up and give it away.

At least they did not let the CIB write their own contract for forty years and have a state agency head send a cover letter endorsing it and stand by and watch hundreds of millions in bonds get defaulted.

The grand give away here was done in the open. Others have been hidden and folks hope they never see the light of day.