Thursday, April 30, 2009

Agenda For May 1st Emergency Meeting of Capital Improvement Board

Today it was announced that the Capital Improvement Board of Marion County (CIB) will meet in an emergency session at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 1, at the Indiana Convention Center.

Being the resourceful person I am, I obtained a copy of their agenda:


I. Introduction

Self-congratulation for hard work of board members the last few months
II. Bob Grand - General Doom and Gloom

Doom and gloom that the failure of the CIB bailout will devastate the convention business and hospitality industry.
III. Pat Early - Fate of the Pacers

Pleads that giving the Pacers $15 million more is critical to dowtown convention business.
IV. Anne Lathrop - Idle Threats

Suggests that the lack of a taxpayer-funded bailout will mean Conseco Fieldhouse and Lucas Oil Stadium will have to be shuttered.
V. Bob Grand - Special Session

Grand says that the Special Session is the last chance to save the CIB. Repeats doom and gloom and dire threats.
VI. Adjournment


Jon said...

I'm sorry, since I'm not a managing partner in the pacers law firm,what's in it for me!

guy77money said...

I would same this is humorous but it will undoubtly play out just like you predicted ;) Don't forgot all the excess hand wringing that will be going on during the presentation!

varangianguard said...

Let's tax attorneys to make up the deficit (practicing, or not). Group it with the "sin" taxes. lol

Anonymous said...

They must be furious that this got into your hands. However, it's possible that this was only a ruse, and that Anne L. was going to take on General Doom and Gloom and Bob G. was taking over Idle Threats at the last minute, just to throw people off.