Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sex and the City: A Saturday Afternoon Timeslot?

A year or so ago I had written critically of the Sex and the City television program. I wrote how the program glamorizes the one night stand and promiscuity among women. It seems to want to sell women on the idea that they should have the same sex drive as men. While I've heard it claimed that they do, a friend of mine observed that females prostitutes service men and that male prostitutes service men. Game, set, match on that issue.

Again, I think it sends a terrible message, in particular to girls and young women, that casual sex is the norm and how expecting a committed relationship before having sex is passe. But, in response to my concerns at the time, it was pointed out to me that the program only aired late at night. Since I couldn't find any evidence to the contrary, I backed off. I don't really want government involvement. I simply want TV network executives to show a little common sense and have respect for parents who are trying to raise their children with postive traditional values.

Yesterday I flipped to TBS. There, at 3:30 and 4:00 p.m., Saturday afternoon, were two Sex and the City shows. On one of the shows, Samantha was in bed with yet another casual sex partner. During the program she bragged to her friends about not keeping stuff at her lover's places because she would never sleep with a man more than once. Wonderful. Meanwhile, Carrie who had gone to a party with "Mr. Big" who she had just confessed her love to, left the party with another man who she ended up in bed with. Ah, those Hollywood values.

People can make fun of the family value agenda of conservatives, but sometimes they are right on the money. TBS need to show more responsibility about what time it schedules this program. Putting it in the middle of a Saturday afternoon isn't the right time.

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Diana Vice said...

You've hit on a very serious problem in our society. I spent last week helping a church friend locate her 16-year-old runaway son. I spent countless hours on the kid's MySpace and Facebook accounts soliciting information from his "friends." I was amazed to see the large number of teenage girls who proudly presented themselves as sluts. The behavior of the boys was no better. The photos, language, and conversation via the Internet demonstrated a total lack of morality, decency, and self-respect among teenagers. The fact that they viewed their behavior as normal and acceptable was truly amazing. Where do they get such ideas? I think you answered that question with this particular post. These girls are emulating behavior they see on programs like Sex in the City, or from role models like Britney Spears and the Ganster Rap stars. Is it any wonder that we elect morally bankrupt politicians to lead our local, state, and national government? Many of these kids are now voting age! I'd like to say the answer lies with responsible parenting, but in my search for the missing teenager, I also found many parents who condone this type of behavior from their teens. I found parents who allowed their teenagers to drink and smoke pot openly in their homes. Some actually thought they were responsible parents because they made sure their teens didn't drive while drunk. I found parents who thought it was their role to be a "friend" to their children rather than an authority figure. I received a real eye-opening education last week, and I'd encourage any responsible, thoughtful parent to seriously consider homeschooling their children.