Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

I must have been the only person without strong feelings on the issue before it was adopted. I was too young to remember well Indiana's last experiment with Daylight Savings Time which, I believe, ended in the mid to early 1970s.

I'm starting to develop opinions about DST now, and they're not favorable. This moving of the clock forward an hour in the spring, leaves my body clock perpetually off by an hour. Every morning I fight to overcome my body telling me that it is still dark outside and I don't need to get up yet.

Now, remind me again, why did we do this?


Patriot Paul said...

Pat Bauer needed more daylight to look for his rug on the golf course.
Farmers objected, saying the cows always come home at a certain time and we don't want to interrupt the milking cycle.

Downtown Indy said...

Wasn't it great getting up before dark again today? Not!

A doctor on the radio last weekend noted it takes the body about 6 weeks to readjust to the change, more or less.

And we have kids catching schoolbuses in the dark again, too.

And P Paul, I think Pat Bauer is perpetually in the dark, so DST is meaningless in that example.

timb said...

Because King Mitch told us it was necessary for Indiana and it's "thriving" economy to make the switch.

with that said, I actually like it. Still, its adoption should make it clear to Paul the nasty danger of having both houses of the Legislature and the Governor be Republicans.

being Democrat wouldn't bother me, since they'd be so surprised and disorganized, they still would be unable to find enough votes in the Senate.