Friday, March 20, 2009

Abuse of the Public Trust Doesn't Matter to Mayor Ballard; John Clark Gets Unanimous Endorsement from Indianapolis Airport Authority

Despite a flood of news about John Clark abusing the public trust while head of the Jacksonville Airport Authority, he still managed to get a unanimous vote from the Indianapolis Airport Authority. Numerous details were given about Clark traveling first class all around the world and staying in luxury hotel suites, all on the public's dime. He also spent lavishly on parties and authorized spending $10,000 on a limousine ride. Again, all on the public's dime. When questioned about what was going on by a Jacksonville city councilman, Clark tried to block his review of public records by attempting to charge the councilman thousands of dollars for those documents.

It should be pointed out that neither Clark or Tobias ever denied any of the published reports about Clark's publicly-funded, jet-setting lifestyle. Nope. Rather the response was that those allegations simply didn't matter...that what Clark did was perfectly okay for someone in his position. Maybe in the world Tobias and Clark occupy, but it does matter to the average person on the street.

Not a single person on the airport board found reason to vote against this character. Unbelievable. Here is a man who is being run out of his Jacksonville job due to his shenanigans being welcomed with open arms here.

There is one person here who should be held responsible more than any other for this appointment and that person is Mayor Greg Ballard. First, he appoints the ethically-challenged Randall Tobias to head up the airport board. Now he looks the other way while Tobias selects someone to be CEO of the airport who clearly has abused the public trust in the past. At any time, Ballard could have came out against Clark and stopped the appointment. Instead, Mayor Ballard did nothing. Once again he has demonstrated he was not serious about the ethics agenda on which he was elected.

In Jacksonville, Clark was faced with public officials who had the backbone to start asking questions about his waste of the public's money on his lavish, jet-setting lifestyle. Clark won't find public officials like that in Indianapolis. Unlike Jacksonville, Indianapolis knew exactly what they were getting in Clark before they decided to hire him and did so, unanimously, anyway. Here, Clark, with no worries about being questioned about his shenanigans, will be like a kid in a candy store. There is no stopping him now.

Anyone who thinks Indianapolis actually made a good choice with Clark should do some googling and find out what the Jacksonville people are saying. They are thrilled he'll be gone and are laughing at Indianapolis for being foolish enough to take him off their hands.

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