Saturday, February 14, 2009

Indianapolis Colts Raise Ticket Prices and Give Middle Finger to Fans and Taxpayers

On the sports pages today is the announcement that the Colts organization is raising ticket prices in the upper deck of both end zones by $10. One of the sections will experience a 42% increase in ticket prices from $24 to $34. Another section will see ticket prices jump from $64 to $74, a 15% increase.

Isn't the Colts organization opposing a $3 tax on Colts tickets to help the City, i.e the CIB, pay for the operating costs of Lucas Oil Stadium on the basis that it could hurt ticket sales? Yet the Colts have no problem raising ticket prices by $10 so the organization can make more money. Is there any limit to the arrogance of Irsay and company?

Meanwhile this week the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced they were cutting some Brickyard ticket prices from $75 to $40, a 40% decrease.


Sean Shepard said...

Tony George and family don't get enough credit for putting on world class events without requiring taxpayers to foot the bill.

I took my kids to the Speedway Museum (again) the other day. $3 for an adult, $1 for kids over 6 (excellent value) and I feel good helping support the place.

PLUS, you don't get treated like a criminal by being searched and inspected just to get in the door and parking is usually not a problem (and it's free).

Gary R. Welsh said...

I was having lunch at a local pub today when a couple of ticket-holders brought this up. They are were outraged. Remember one of the selling points of the new stadium was that the additional seating in the new stadium would provide an ample number of affordable tickets for the commoners. I think this will backfire and is intended to thwart efforts to impose a ticket tax to bail out the CIB.

M Theory said...

This way Ir$ay gets even MORE money!

Concerned Taxpayer said...

What do you expect, Paul? Remember, Irsay needs lots of buckos to buy all of that fancy art for his mansion (in another county).

Anonymous said...

"In the Fall of 1996 the City-County Council increased the cable TV franchise fee from 3% to 5%, with the provision that the first 50 cents of each subscriber's bill would go to the Pacers (via the CIB)."

Is this true?

We are paying twice? Once for Comcast's national NBA contract, and another for our local cable tax?

Patriot Paul said...

Insightful & must read IBJ frontpage article on Circle Center Mall and the CIB today. Many of the Mall investors shelled out millions in 1997 & then agreed to send the dividends to the CIB as a loan which now totals 34 million and tremendous interest due in 2007. The CIB asked for an extension until 2017 for the payback and only paid the interest. Why? So the CIB could use the cash for Lucas Oil Stadium. And now the CIB is asking those investors to forgive and forget. Noticably, the Indpls.Star is owed $2.6 Million. No wonder things are tight there. They raised the newstand price 50% from .50 to .75 and laid off people. You should read the IBJ, there's more.


Downtown Indy said...

And Patriot Paul, it's no wonder the Star is so ambiguous in their position. If they get too uppity with the CIB, maybe do some real investigation and reporting, then they may never see their investment recouped. That's no position for the 'free press' to put themselves into. They are supposed to be unbiases and impartial. That's hard to do with $2.6M in the game.

Patriot Paul said...

Yes, Downtown, one wonders how biased the Star reporting has been since they have a vested interest in making sure their corporate dollars return a handsome investment profit.
This whole thing has more legs than a centipede.

Paul K. Ogden said...

PP and DI,

I agree. I think the Star investing money was incredibly irresponsible from a journalistic ethics standpoint. It makes it difficult now to examine the deal.

Anonymous said...

Colts fans are idiots. This is great.

Blackouts in '10.

The Star is phony journalism, nothing but a propaganda piece for an incipient police state.