Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Did Mayor Peterson Leave Office on January 1, 2008? Conspiracists Want to Know

Another attorney in my office sent this to me. Check out who is listed as Mayor in the letterhead. In the text of the letter the writer keeps referring to the Indianapolis Police Department, not IMPD. Notice the reference at the bottom about hosting the World Police and Fire Games -- in 2001.

Are we sure that Mayor Peterson vacated the office after he lost? It would explain a lot if he were still the Mayor.

Might want to update that stationary. Click on the image below to make it larger.


M Theory said...

They should instruct the support staff to strike through Peterson's name on the old stationary and write in Ballard. It would save the taxpayers money. Personally, I would not mind one bit.

That's how they used to do it at used car lots when they would fire a salesman. They would give the new salesman his cards and make the new guy cross through the old name.

Paul K. Ogden said...

HFFT, I wouldn't mind either though you have to wonder whether they overordered stationary durign Peterson's term or whether the Ballard folks reordered stationary without making the necessary changes. Of course, neither explain referring to IMPD as IPD in the body of the document. Might want to update that form letter too.