Wednesday, February 4, 2009

City's Snow Removal Effort Ths Week

Yesterday morning, during rush hour, the City was hit by a 3.8 inch snowstorm, nearly four times larger than what was expected. Jen Wagner over at is still talking about how poor the city's response was to the latest snowfall. I don't agree and think the City's performance was vastly improved over the previous week's response. Within a few hours of the end of the snow fall, the city streets downtown had been salted and cleared of snow. The previous week it took over two days to clear downtown streets of snow. The City's efforts at responding to this large snowfall during the peak of morning rush hour should be applauded.


varangianguard said...

Bah. I'm still smarting from David Sherman's "let them eat cake" remarks from late last week. An attitude like that didn't garner Marie Antoinette any kudos, so I'm wondering why the DPW thought that they're any different?

Besides, my closest arterial was still only in fair condition at 7:40 PM. That could be accounted for by the volume of traffic, not by any DPW efforts.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I'm grading on a curve, you know. They set the bar pretty low with that effort last week.

When I saw David Sherman's comment I started feeling sorry for the job Robert Vane has to do as the media spokesperson.

varangianguard said...

Just like a teacher to change the grading scale to "fit" their own purposes of the moment. ;)

You know I think that there is a "syllabus" around somewhere denoting performance standards for passing grades in actions like snow removal, and the like. Probably hiding it along with some other documents of interest.

Flipper said...

Robert Vane takes home a pretty good pay check. The city has 75 snow plows down from around 125 or so. !2 of them are broke down at CEMD 2500 south Belmont. Bart and company left this city in one hell of a broken down equipment mess.
Oh! I forgot Jen is an Idiot.