Monday, February 16, 2009

Ballard Endorses Tom John as Marion County Chairman; Call for Chairman Tom John to Resign if He Continues to Lose Countywide Offices

In a letter apparently that this precinct committeeman has not yet received, Mayor Greg Ballard endorsed Tom John for a new term as county chairman. Here's apparently what the statement said:

I hope you will join me in supporting Tom John's re-election as Chairman. Tom has a plan moving forward to continue our party's success. He will work to grow our party's ability to communicate by engaging the newest, most innovative ways to communicate with voters and volunteers, ranging from e-mail and social networking websites to internet video and text messaging. We must stay the course and work toward the goals we set during the 2007 campaign. Simply put, I need a partner to continue my fight for the taxpayers of Marion County. Tom has shown himself to be a worthy partner and stalwart supporter in these efforts.
That's funny. During the 2007 campaign, I remember the Ballard people complaining because Tom John was not working to help him get elected. John also only supported one of the four at-large Republican council members. In fact, I recall that Ballard told John that he didn't want him as county chairman after he was elected.

It's just another example of how Mayor Ballard has tossed aside the people who helped him get elected in favor of others he naively thinks will help him get re-elected. Of course, John is someone who has remained completely on the sidelines and said nothing while the Mayor rejected the populist approach that helped him get elected in favor of taking on taxpayers in order to continue the same old corporate welfare schemes pursed by city leaders. Yeah, good luck with that re-election strategy.

Given that rules allow Tom John can pick many, if not most, of the voters who will be attending the county convention, his election as county chairman is a certainty. However, as part of that re-election, John should make a pledge that if he does not turn around the party by 2011, he should resign.

In particular, in 2008, 2010, and 2011, we have 15 county-wide elections. in 2008, Tom John lost four of them by margins unheard of for Marion County Republicans. Five of the remaining 11 county-wide seats up in 2010 and 2011 are held by Republicans. If Tom John cannot win at least 2 of 15 races up during 2008, 2010 and 2011, he needs to resign on November 9, 2011.

Here's the scorecard:

Countywide Races Lost in 2008
County Coroner, Result: Lost 60-40
County Surveyor, Result: Lost 60-40
County Treasurer, Result: Lost 63-37
Judge, Marion County Circuit Court, Result: Lost 59-41

Countywide Races Up in 2010
County Prosecutor, Result: ????
County Sheriff , Result: ????
County Clerk , Result: ????
County Auditor , Result: ????
County Assessor, Result: ????
County Recorder, Result: ????

Countywide Races Up in 2011
Mayor, Result: ????
At-Large Council, Result: ????
At-Large Council, Result: ????
At-Large Council, Result: ????
At-Large Council, Result: ????

Two of 15 countywide races in three election years. That's all that I am asking that Tom John win to continue holding his job. Will John commit to accomplishing this very modest goal or resign? Don't count on it.


Anonymous said...

Paul you need to add Marion County Recorder to your list of county offices in 2010.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Thanks, Anon, I think I fixed it.

Mary Jo said...

What about 2007? If you are going to hold John responsible for losing in the Obama Tsunami in 2008, you should give him credit for going 4-1 in 2007. Conversely, if you don't give him credit for 2007 because the taxpayer revolt has out of Tom John's control, you should also not hang 2008 around his neck because the Obama Tidal Wave was also not in Tom John's Control.

Mary Jo said...

Why does "Republican" Blogger Paul Ogden never criticize Democrats?

Find out more at

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

How many victories do you have under your belt?

Anonymous said...

Mary Jo (Abdul) please get your nose out of Tom's a$$! Everone know that he would be Chairman now without you and Carl Brizzi helping him by underminding Mike Murphy. In return he promised Carl to return the favor by underminding Ballard in 2007. Don't you remember your chats about how Col. Dullard couldn't string two coherent sentences together, how he surrounded himself with African-American rejects, how both Abdul and Tom beleived that the ONLY attractive thing about Ballard was his wife Winnie. That's why they always encouraged him to bring her along..or how Tom would find out his fundraising schedule and then call ahead to steer the money back to his office. You like to tout your memory Mary Jo, how about how Abdul played on both sides offering advice to Ballard while feeding Tom and Carl the elements of his conversations with him. Tom is trying to position himself for a statewide power broker and
Even now it trying to get within the Governor's inner circle. He also only back Kent because he was "clean and articulate" ala Biden. Now that he has dirt on Kent he leads him around like a puppy. Ever wonder why Kent step aside so Ryan the next Prosecutor could get a more visible role? And as for anonymous 1221 Tom doesn't win elections, candidates do. Tom is an STD virus for the Republican party and Abdul is his broken condom. Hang in there Paul you've got plent of friends to fight your battles for you.

Anonymous said...

You seemed to have forgotten Mary Jo, Tom was all over the media and even on your show taking credit for Governor Daniels' win in 2008. As for Ballard I can't believe he's allowing himself to be politically cuckhold by these three nimrods!

Anonymous said...

Look at that cute, little, red dog ballard put in the henhouse to guard the chickens.

Anonymous said...

Wow Paul! You are the man! In the space of a few hours you have reduce Abdul aka "Maurice" (I'm sorry everytime I see the guy he reminds me of that Madagascar character that tags along with the King lemur) to a frantic mess. I mean what can you say about a man who rants for 3 paragraphs then ends his posts with.. WHATEVER!!! He sounds like my teenage daughter! And this guy uses a Superman theme for his show. It must be the tights that turns him on. Keep up the pressure Paul!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Well, Mary Jo, the "Obama Tidal Wave" didn't keep Daniels from winning Marion County in 2008 did it?

Why should Tom John get credit for at-large Republican candidates who won in 2007 despite the fact he didn't support them? And given his lackluster support for Ballard and telling people he was a lost cause and not to contribute to him, why should he get credit for that?

Again though 2008, 2010 and 2011 represent a full election cycle. Is it really too much to expect him to win 2 out of 15 races, including 5 of which are held by Republicans?

FYI, I never criticize Democrats? I am constantly criticizing Sheiff Frank Anderson. He's a Democrat, right?

Leslie Sourwine said...

When the people speak those in government who actually represent the people and not their own selfish desires listen.

Populism at work, we must never stop hounding those who work for us, "The People" to listen to our concerns. When our government employees turn a deaf ear it's time to boot them out of office and put someone in who will actually represent the very people who finance their paychecks and retirements.

Leslie Sourwine says recall is the only answer to deaf ears

Anonymous said...

Tom John is not only losing elections, but now his leadership is losing elected officials if the news about Ed Coleman switching to the Libertarian Party is correct.