Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rolling Back the School Year - Senate Bill 81

State Senator Dennis Kruse has introduced Senate Bill 81 which would re-adjust the public school calendar by prohibiting school from starting before Labor Day and would require that it end by June 15th.

Every year I hear complaints about how hot the schools are that do not have air conditioning and how that affects student concentration and performance. As someone who spent his entire K-12 experience in schools without air conditioning, I do not buy the excuse. However, then again, we never started school before Labor Day and always ended by late May. We did not get hit with the hot days.

While I know that calendar is no longer possible due to possible, the more reasonable calendar suggested by Kruse's bill would alleviate a lot of the complaints about classrooms that are too hot. It is the mid-August days that are the problem, not the early June days. Now that ISTEP is going to be given until the Spring, the later calendar is possible.

Kruse's bill excludes year round schools. I assume too that the requirement would not apply to charter schools which often have longer school years.

The bill has been assigned to the Committee on Education and Career Development.

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varangianguard said...

September is still summer as well. Anymore, Fall and Spring seems to have gone somewhere as well.

It can be dreadfully hot well into September, and sometimes October.

Why draw the line at some made up holiday date? I think it's just another lame proposal. And, one meant to satisfy some non-student agenda, not really anything for the kids.

Maybe they ought to consider night school instead? Or distance learning for all? That one would save a bundle.