Monday, January 12, 2009

BMV Finds Efficiency, Loses Common Sense

Monday's Indianapolis Star reports that during the same month that the Governor froze state employees' pay and announced a round of budget cuts that Bureau of Motor Vehicles agreed to spend $150,000 on bathrooms and new carpet at three of its branches.

Stating the obvious, House Roads and Transportation Committee member Rep. David L. Niezgodski, D-South Bend, said "that was probably not the right time."

This is yet a continuation of the tin ear BMV officials have on issues. We recently had the directive to people that they not smile when they have their photos taken. See below:

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face! - BMV's New Policy (12/8/2008)

Then we had the license plate fiasco where the BMV tried to enforce a policy it had adopted to keep people from getting combinations of letters and numbers that might have some sort of religious meaning, a strange legal position to take after the BMV had defended the In God We Trust license plates. Then before that we had BMV telling people they should legally change their name if it did not match government records.

It is great the BMV has gotten more efficient. It is too bad the BMV lost its common sense in the process.


Leslie Sourwine said...

Hum, I could have sworn I saw a story where Daniels stated Indiana was doing great! They have those private prisons you know that save the state all that money. (yeah right) and Marion County should be doing awesome as well since they have that private jail. Wonder where all that extra money went to the state and city was saving?


Citizen Kane said...

You might want to ask the BMV why they are wasting money moving their Fountain Square branch to South Meridian Street and tearing down houses to build a parking lot approximately twice the size required by zoning.