Friday, January 16, 2009

10 Degrees Below Zero

That was the temperature when I woke up this morning. Where is that global warming when you need it?

On these pages, I have previously scoffed at the argument that man is causing devastating global warming argument that will destroy the planet. This severe cold snap should not be construed as part of a long-term trend any more than a couple 100 degree days should. But maybe, just maybe, it will cause people to consider the far greater dangers posed by a cooling planet than one that is warming one. Recent reports suggest that we're not heading toward a warming planet, but toward another ice age. One thing that is clear from studying the climate history of the planet is that man's fortunes generally improve when the planet warms and decline when it cools. That was before the modern world we live in today. Think of ice sheets coming down from the polar regions covering up cities like Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis.

The reason why central and northern Indiana is flat is because a glacier once covered those areas during an ice age. Even the city of Indianapolis could be under ice during a new ice age.

There are other possible climate events that pose a much greater danger to mankind than global warming. The super volcano in Yellowstone is past due on its 600,000 year eruption cycle and is showing signs of activity. If that goes off, which it eventually will, it could kill millions of Americans and devastate the lives of billions of others as the ash blocks the sun and cools the Earth by several degrees for years. Then you have an asteroid that is on a confirmed collision course for the Earth, just a few decades in the future, well within the lifetime of many people living today.

It does seem like the global warming hysteria is fading. That's a mighty good thing. There are far more serious climate threats to worry about.

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Talk about chilling temperatures I thought you might be interested in this story as well as this comment.

"Donna Como said she worked for the Colorado and Montana Department of Corrections and CCA.

"I was the person who doctored the ACA accreditation reports for this company," she said, referring to the American Correctional Association." Located at this url address:

I've been trying to keep up with the new private prison additions. This one is going for a 20 year contract.

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Manmade global warming is a big moneymaker for all the libs friends. All the dim light bulbs, the mini cars, the freezing in our homes during winter because we are not allowed to drill for oil, build nuclear plants, burn coal etc. They do not care what this does to the country. Thinking about it, the major manipulation of the price of oil to extremes,started this entire mess.
They have stiffled any contrary scientfic opinions and they are enabled by a major press and media that subscribes to the folly. Short memories, think back to the other scares of the past they tried to promote- lets see the acid rain that we were sending to Canada was one etc.