Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome Maggie Lewis to the Council

Sorry, I am a little slow on some of the news. A couple weeks ago Democrat organization people in Pike and Wayne Townships met to elect Maggie Lewis, a human services administrator, to take over in the 7th Council District. Her district includes most of southern Pike. I live in the only area south of 56th Street that is in District 1, a seat formerly held by Republican Isaac Randolph and which seat is currently held by Democrat Jose Evans, a former student of mine at the University of Indianapolis. As I recall, Jose was a pretty good political science student. Unfortunately though my conservative Republican leanings did not rub off on Jose.

I appreciate the work Cherrish Pryor did on the council and look forward to her being my state representative. Although of a different political stripe, she did stick her neck out on the auction of publicly-owned items in the Dome to benefit a private company, the Indiana Sports Corporation. I really appreciate that and wish we had more people questioning the corporate welfare schemes in this city that both Democrat and Republican administrations have promoted.

My unsolicited advice to Councilor Lewis is for her to do her homework and not be afraid to ask questions about what is going on. Often in committee meetings, in particular, councilors are reluctant to speak up and ask questions, quite possibly because they do not want to appear uninformed. What happens when council members do not do their homework and ask questions? Well, stay tuned for tomorrow morning's column.

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