Friday, December 12, 2008

Cost of a Police Officer Shaking Down Motorists? Home Detention

The Star reports this morning that Westfield Police Officer Scott Fross, who was charged with bribery for shaking down four Hispanic motorists for a total of $1,000, received a sentence of one year of home detention. The court made exceptions in the order so Fross could travel to home and school. The court did not even order a fine, or unbelievably, restitution.

Imagine if it were some inner city thug going around shaking down business owners for protection money. Would that person have walked away with just home detention? This is an even a worst case because Fross used his official powers to frighten people into giving up cold hard cash in exchange for not being arrested. Disgusting.

Reading this reminded me of some research I did on a Clay County Deputy Sheriff who got in trouble in the early 1990s for having sex with an inmate while he was acting as a jailer. He was charged with official misconduct. His fine? Five Dollars. Apparently sex with an inmate in Clay County costs the same as foot-long Subway sandwich.

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Anonymous said...

Either make your peace with authoritarianism or move. Hoosiers love authority more than freedom, and they will never heavily punish a police who succumbs to temptation.

Police are just civilians, but Hoosiers see police as super-civilian or quasi-military.

Hoosiers like it this way. If you truly knew how Hoosiers viewed the world, you'd run for the hills.